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The Blue & Gray Press | May 25, 2018

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Honorable Mentions

Jim Groom:

Director of the Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies and adjunct professor Jim Groom gave a keynote address at the University of North Florida called “ds 106: This Course Could be Your Life,” on Oct 1. In his address, Groom talked about how technology is too often used for all the wrong reasons. Groom highlights that technology can and should be used to enhance human interactions and social networks. Programs such as “Domain of One’s Own” here at UMW exemplify Grooms’ position on the subject.

Patricia Reynolds

Assistant professor in the College of Education Dr. Patricia Reynolds is making news for her paper called “Differentiate to Make A Difference: The Culturally Responsive 21st Century Classroom Environment.” Her paper was accepted for presentation by the International Conference on Education Research and Innovation in Spain this November. The conference brings together international educators who are working on current language policies.

Rosalyn Cooperman

Associate Professor of Political Science, Rosalyn Cooperman has been contributing to the London School of economics USA Politics & Policy blog. In her post, she discusses House Republicans and their impact in Congress and in the government shutdown.