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The Blue & Gray Press | August 17, 2019

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In the endzone: Numbers add up the season thus far


Numbers and statistics are important aspects of modern sports. They provide sports fanatics with ammunition for sports bar banter with buddies and give sports writers evidence for their arguments. This week’s column is all about presenting the numbers most relevant to each NFL team five weeks into the season.

Arizona Cardinalsnfl

7: The number of times the Cards’ defense sacked the elusive Panthers’ quarterback, Cam Newton, Sunday. The team’s success is dependent upon this top ten defense.

Atlanta Falcons

1: The number of wins the Falcons have after five games, the worst mark since Matt Ryans took over the quarterback duties.

Baltimore Ravens

27: The number of rushing attempts logged by running back, Ray Rice, which is a vast improvement upon the team’s nine total rushes a week ago. Baltimore needs to keep the ball in its playmaker’s hands.

Buffalo Bills

0: The number of games started by Thad Lewis, who will be under center for the Bills this week.

Carolina Panthers

1-2: The amount of offensive weapons this team needs to add in order for Cam Newton to make the next step.

Chicago Bears

2: The number of losses since the Bears opened the season 3-0. The boys of the Midway look to start a new streak Thursday against the Giants.

Cincinnati Bengals

5: The number of touchdowns and interceptions thrown by quarterback Andy Dalton. Dalton has yet to prove he can be the leader this team needs in order to win it all.

Cleveland Browns

0: The number of games the Browns lost since trading away their star back Trent Richardson. So much for throwing the season.

Dallas Cowboys

1: The number of Tony Romo interceptions it takes for the Dallas fan base to completely forget about a 500 yard performance.

Denver Broncos

20: The number of touchdowns Peyton Manning has thrown already. Nine teams threw 20 or less all of last season.

Detroit Lions

23: The number of years it has now been since Detroit won in Lambeau Field.

Green Bay Packers

99: The amount of rush yards racked up by Eddy Lacy on Sunday. The critics were finally hushed as it seems the Pack established a balanced attack.

Houston Texans

4: The number of weeks quarterback Matt Schuab has thrown a pick-six in a row. The T.J. Yates era may be rapidly approaching.

Indianapolis Colts

3: The yards per carry fans should expect out of Trent Richardson. Even if T-Rich is a bust, it does not seem like anything can derail Andrew Luck at this point.

Jacksonville Jaguars

16: The number of touchdown passes tossed by Teddy Bridgewater, who the Jags will likely be taking with the first pick in the 2014 draft.

Kansas City Chiefs

2: The total amount of wins the Chiefs earned last year. They already have five this season.

Miami Dolphins

7: The amount of turnovers committed by Ryan Tannehill. Coach Joe Philibin needs to get his young passer better protection.

Minnesota Vikings

$3,000,000: The amount of dollars the Vikings were willing to pay quarterback Josh Freeman so they could close the book on the Christian Ponder era as soon as possible.

New England Patriots

52: The number of consecutive games in which Tom Brady threw a touchdown before the team was shut down by the Bengals on Sunday.

New Orleans Saints

330: The amount of total yardage the Saints’ defense is allowing per week, 110 yards less than last season’s average. The Saints need to be considered a Super Bowl contender.

New York Giants

26: Years since the Giants were last 0-5.

New York Jets

3: The number of game winning drives conducted by rookie Geno Smith. The NFL needs to take notice of these dangerous J-E-T-S.

Oakland Raiders

4: The number of games it took Darren McFadden to get hurt this year, so much for the over-under being set at eight.

Philadelphia Eagles

2: The number of touchdowns Nick Foles threw in relief of the injured Michael Vick. Philly has a quarterback controversy on its hands.

Pittsburgh Steelers

83 and 26: The numbers of Heath Miller and Le’veon Bell. The two are both back and healthy, so maybe Pittsburgh can now get that first victory.

Saint Louis Rams

34: The Rams new season high for points. It is good to play the Jaguars.

San Francisco 49ers

4: The number of nationally televised games the 49ers have already played. That is a huge difference from the spotlight the 49ers enjoyed prior to coach Jim Harbaugh’s reign.

Seattle Seahawks

21: The number of points the Seahawks are averaging on the road this season. Everyone knows they cannot be beaten in Seattle, but, eventually, this team will have to solve their road woes.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

11 or fewer: The number of games coach Greg Schiano could leave left in the NFL if Mike Glennon cannot validate Schiano’s exile of Josh Freeman.

Tennessee Titans

2013: The year the Titans have a legitimate chance of finishing above the Houston Texans in the standings.

Washington Redskins

1: The number of games down the Redskins are in the NFC east, despite such a horrid start.