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Media unfairly wrecks Cyrus,thinly reprimands Thicke

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It has been over five weeks since Miley Cyrus performed at the 2013 MTV Music Video Awards where she created quite the controversy and is still making headlines today.


It has been over five weeks since Miley Cyrus performed at the 2013 MTV Music Video Awards where she created quite the controversy and is still making headlines today.

While I completely support Miley doing her thing dancing around with giant bears, Robin Thicke received very little backlash for having a 20-year-old dance all over him, and that is a problem.

The performance was undeniably suggestive and sexually charged and it became even more soScreen shot 2013-10-22 at 8.51.47 PM copy once artist Robin Thicke appeared for a collaboration of his song “Blurred Lines.”

The talk the following morning was about how Hannah Montana was going down the “wrong path.” I immediately flashed back to the infamous Brittany Spears and Madonna kiss at the 2003 VMAs, and it just reinstated how MTV strives to push the limits and make memorable moments that will live forever in the pop culture tabloids.

Thicke, a married R&B singer stood in front of the audience while embracing the provocative dance by Miley, and the media paid no attention to the issue.

Let us look at the situation fairly and give him equal criticism, since one would assume that Thicke would not want his own daughter at the age of 20 dancing with a man his age in that manner.

After following Miley in the media closely over the past few weeks, her plan is obvious and she is not going off the deep end, as many are predicting.

She stated in her MTV documentary special that her actions were calculated, and it appears her methods were successful, with three of her songs in the top iTunes music charts.

I wish I could say I was hip enough to understand Miley’s fashion choices on the red carpet, but unfortunately that is where my die-hard fanaticism ends.

While I think mesh dresses and short, spiked hair is not the classiest look, she does what she wants, and that is an admirable trait.

Miley has a unique, individual and ambitious style, which is admirable when the blogs and tabloids rip people apart for their outfits.

I cannot argue that Miley is a poor role model for young girls and boys, but I am assuming she does not intend to be.

Yes, she used to work at Disney channel, a wholesome family station, but that was five years ago. Everyone grows up, and making mistakes is a huge part of that transition.

Maybe everyone should give Miley the benefit of the doubt and let her express herself artistically because, without a doubt, the girl can sing. Putting a record out does not mean Miley thinks she is perfect, it means she is talented. Everyone is still talking about her, and that is definitely what she wanted to accomplish at the MTV VMAs.

Keep making records Miley, this was the first CD I felt compelled to buy since middle school.


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