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The Blue & Gray Press | May 25, 2018

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Student senate makes legislative progress


Many campus menu items at the University of Mary Washington consisting of chicken underwent price increases during the current school year.

The grilled-chicken option at Joe Stacks, which was last year included under the “any protein” umbrella for the Build-Your-Own Meal Deal was upped to include a $2.00 flex surcharge due to rising food prices.

“I love chicken; it’s high in protein and one of the best sources of protein out there,” said Senate President and junior history and English major Nate Levine. “It was annoying to have to pay a little more for it every time I got a sandwich.”

On the Oct. 9, senator Becca Jane Gottfried, a junior psychology major, said a motion passed in which the Student Senate’s Food Council would discuss the price increase at the next dining services meeting.

“I presented a motion that said the grilled chicken should only cost one meal swipe, and no additional flex, when it is the protein on a build your own. Senate’s job is to let the school know the students concerns—this being one that was brought up multiple times by constituents,” said Gottfried.

On Oct. 16, senator Amanda Orchowsky, a junior geography major said to the Student Senate that the senate successfully negotiated a price decrease for the grilled Chicken option.

“Students should talk to Rose Benedict, the unit marketing coordinator, or any other manager at the nest if they are continued to be asked to pay for grilled chicken with plus two flex,” said Orchowsky.

Along with the dissatisfaction with the chicken on campus, the student senate also addressed some concerns with the campus Internet.

On Oct. 9, Senator Ben Hermerdimg presented a motion that asked for the individual in charge of the campus’ Internet to come to the senate and discuss the slow internet speeds.

“If the Student Senate is saying, look, here’s something the majority of the student body is concerned about, the administration will be forced to step back and look at the issue. I urge everyone who sees an issue that effects the community to work with a senator and get a motion introduced,” said Levine. “It’s great to already see a success in the Senate, especially after the issues with elections that occurred earlier in the year.