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The Blue & Gray Press | November 19, 2017

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McAuliffe promises equal opportunity for minorities

McAuliffe promises equal opportunity for minorities


As college students, we are exceptionally affected by this November’s gubernatorial race in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Upon graduation, we face an unemployment rate double the national average in an already struggling labor market.

With the high stakes of the election this coming Tuesday, the University of Mary Washington Young Democrats are proud to endorse Terry McAuliffe for governor.

We have a long tradition of moderate politics in Virginia, championed by politicians who strive to work together and do what is best for Virginians.

These policies translated into Virginia possessing one of the strongest economies in the U.S.

Our next governor must be willing to work with the opposing party to do what is best for us.

The recent government shutdown showed how Republican extremists are not willing to compromise. Touting his extreme right views, Ken Cuccinelli showed he is unwilling to compromise or consider the thoughts of others.

On the other hand, 21 Republicans, including many that have never endorsed a Democrat prior, endorsed McAuliffe.

In times like these, we need a governor with proven leadership in business, not a governor who will place his ideological agenda over governing.

Much like Virginia’s former governor and current Sen. Mark Warner, McAuliffe entered the race with a rich and successful background in the private sector.

We are confident McAuliffe would continue in Warner’s footsteps in creating a diverse and fruitful economy.

McAuliffe’s policies prove that he is dedicated to moving Virginia’s economy forward. His unyielding support for the Commonwealth’s K-12 and higher education show that he is committed to preparing Virginia’s economy for the 21st century.

McAuliffe wants to end discrimination against gender and sexual minorities, supports closing the pay gap between men and women and respects a woman’s right to make their own healthcare decisions.

In order to see continued job growth in Virginia, we need businesses to locate here, which is not possible if we continue to persecute individuals based on their gender or person they love.

McAuliffe also understands Virginia’s current economic strain, which is why he has pledged to not raise taxes during his tenure as governor. Moreover, McAuliffe understands that growth comes from the middle class, and unfunded tax breaks for rich Virginians simply are not logical.

We support McAuliffe for his ability to bring people together and his willingness to work toward bipartisanship and create a better Virginia.

McAuliffe is dedicated to the needs of all Virginians, not just the ones who fit a certain profile. He supports equal opportunity for everyone.

We know McAuliffe will improve Virginia’s education system by the dedication he has pledged to our public schools.

For all these reasons, it is our honor to endorse entrepreneur Terry McAuliffe for governor.

Benjamin Hermerding is the President of the University of Mary Washington Young Democrats. Julia Davis is the Publicity Chair of the University of Mary Washington Young Democrats.