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The Blue & Gray Press | July 20, 2019

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Meet the men of Mr. UMW


Dodd Auditorium was filled with an audience of mostly women on Nov. 9, for the annual Mr. UMW contest. Hosted by the Association of Residence Halls, each year Mr. UMW brings different men from the various campus residence halls to compete in a series of different competitions. All proceeds from the event went to a foundation dedicated to brain tumor research. According to ARH, more than 700 dollars were made.

The men of the competition participated in a series of different challenges in order to win the title of Mr. UMW. A talent portion, sports wear section and questionnaire portion were all included in the show.

Despite some moments of awkwardness, the talent portion was by far the most entertaining. Some acts proved to be better than others, such as when Mr. Framar (Sam Relken) did a hilarious version of “Rainbow Connection” featuring a Kermit-like voice. Mr. Bushnell (Frank Kear) performed an impressive rap sequence, which proved to impress the crowd.

While other portions did not exhibit such talent, they proved entertaining nonetheless, such as Mr. UMW Apartments (Rob Jarvis), who made balloon animals that ended up being no more than simple tubular balloons. Despite the lack of skill, it made audiences laugh regardless.

“My favorite was definitely the talent portion. Mr. Bushnell (Frank Kear) was so talented and entertaining,” said Sarah Listenbee, a sophomore psychology major.

The band Goody, comprised of University of Mary Washington students Elijah Willis, Tanner Carlton and Mason Carlton, performed at the intermission. The band brought an audience to the stage and sang to them. It was a crowd pleaser that left everyone waving their hands in the air. In the end, Mr. Framar won over the judges and took home the title of Mr. UMW.