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The Blue & Gray Press | May 27, 2019

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The American Music Awards: A night to remember


The American Music Awards (AMAs), which aired on Nov. 24, drew the attention of millions of Americans, but what is the hype over this one particular award show?

It is a combination of the crazy performances and the fact that the fans drive the votes and decide who the winners will be. Social media and texting calculate the votes of who fans think should win the awards.

One Direction opened the evening with one of their hit singles, “Take Me Home.”  Harry Styles, a fan favorite, graced everyone with his spot on vocals and the performance made the teenage girls in the audience go crazy.

One band in particular that stood out amongst the rest was Imagine Dragons. They started their performance with the song “Demons” and faded into the hit “Radioactive.” This was probably the best part of the evening.  Lead singer, Dan Reynolds sang his heart out and traveled across the stage, keeping the audience engaged.

In the middle of the song, Reynolds dropped the vocals and began playing multiple sets of drums that were set up around the stage. The band definitely displayed a wide range od talent and effort and it proved to be the performance of the night.

“I saw the Imagine Dragons live last year and they were amazing. Their performance at the American Music Awards was just as impressive. I would have loved to have been there,” said senior business major Amanda Miller.

Taylor Swift had a successful night, taking home four awards, including “Artist of the Year.” Justin Timberlake, Luke Bryan and Ariana Grande also won awards and performed that night.

Rihanna made history winning the first ever Icon Award. This award is given to an artist, who proved to work hard, constantly put out amazing work and is one the musical voice of this generation. It was definitely a heart-warming moment of the show, as Rihanna’s own mother came on stage to give her daughter the award.

“Rihanna deserved the award, she has worked hard to overcome personal challenges while still producing iconic music,” said senior business major Maggie McGraw.

The AMAs proved to be a night full of shocking performances and moments that left social media buzzing. From Gaga to Miley, it was a night to remember.