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The Blue & Gray Press | March 21, 2019

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Did 'American Hustle' hustle its way to the top of the award season?

By CALLI PUGHScreen-Shot-2014-01-18-at-3.01.26-PM-1
The awards season is descending upon the American public and all eyes are turning to the films nominated for the Academy Award’s best picture, and “American Hustle,” which made a clean sweep at the Golden Globes last week, is a forerunner.
With its four principle actors nominated in either the best lead or supporting category, not to mention the films presence in almost every other category, is “American Hustle” as good as the critics and the awards have made it out to be?
Christian Bale plays the main character of Irving Rosenfeld, a con man with an elaborate comb over and a surprising sense of integrity. The normally fit Bale seen in action films such as “The Dark Knight” gained 40 pounds for his role.
Amy Adams captures the distraught and cunning con woman of Sydney Prosser, fitting right into several low-neck costumes and the right hand of Rosenfeld.
Bradley Cooper, and his rather ridiculous hair, play their part of the wild FBI agent, Richie DiMaso, who is obsessed with uncovering corruption in New Jersey politics.
And then of course there is the bombshell Jennifer Lawrence as Rosalyn, Rosenfeld’s clumsy and absent-minded wife. Though it is a completely different role from her famed Katniss Everdeen of “The Hunger Games” series, Lawrence delves deep into the child-like mind and tight dresses of Rosalyn, the curvy thorn in Rosenfield’s side.
Another highlight of the film is Jeremy Renner in the role of Carmine Polito, mayor of Camden, N.J. Renner portrays Polito as a kind, caring man who loves his town and his constituents and is possibly the only character one can truly feel any sympathy for.
The focus of “American Hustle” is the characters, and by the end it is hard to see anything left of the actor. The plot of the film is difficult, yet surprising. The focus is on setting up the characters’ flaws and relationships and the talented actors inhabit their roles perfectly, leaving the plot fairly unimportant to the movies impact.
This hurts the film in the end because, while the actors portrayed their characters exceptionally well, without a core plot to focus on, it leaves the film’s ending with a hollow feeling. However, if you are looking for a fun, star-studded film, “American Hustle” is the film to see.