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The Blue & Gray Press | July 18, 2019

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Staff Editorial: Snow days reflect senior attitude

The semester started with its usual bang but quickly turned into nothing but a fizzle. One full week of classes down and then the entire commonwealth of Virginia essentially shut down for fear of another “Snowpocolypse.” And boy are we all thankful.

With news of possible five inches of snow, students across Fredericksburg updated weather apps and email in hopes of a day off.

The snow that shut down the University of Mary Washington served students very well with two days off in an already shortened week due to Monday’s observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

What did we do with our time? Studied our Netflix, feasted on comfort food and made pajamas a fashion statement. Sure, some students might have done some homework, but why not push it to the weekend now that the week is almost over?

Most of us have nowhere to be if class is canceled, so there was nothing to do but laze around in hope of another snow day- because why not have a one day week instead of two?

There is no doubt of this being the easiest final semester for seniors thus far. With only a few classes and an apathetic viewpoint, this week seems to reflect seniors’ attitudes.

For us at the Bullet, which runs regardless of weather difficulties and school cancellations, having Wednesday off gives us a full day to work without the struggle of classes.

The best part of this week is that if we were in any other state, school would most likely not be canceled at so slight an expulsion from the sky. Thanks to Virginians’ incompetence for dealing with snow, or precipitation of any sort really, students are free for almost a week.

When Tuesday dawned without a flake in the sky, many students were probably wondering why the school acted so cautiously in canceling a full day of classes. But by the time Tuesday night drew around, and student’s received notification of the two-hour delay, the rage was palpable all through campus.

Yet, on Wednesday morning, everyone praised Marty Morrison, the bearer of good news and canceled class, who informed all of our extra day of TV, hot cocoa and the occasional snow fight. So enjoy the day off, don’t be too productive and wish very hard for a terrible ice storm to hit so we can write off this entire week