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The Blue & Gray Press | April 21, 2018

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Staff Editorial:Coca-Cola ad elicits unpatriotic tweets about it’s message

For most Americans, Sunday night was filled with football, beer, wings and outrage. This anger did not stem from the Broncos’ loss of 8-43; it instead was caused by the Coca-Cola commercial.

Angry tweets were fired at Coca-Cola for their “It’s Beautiful” commercial. Some spoke out against the ad, saying that the company was un-American and unpatriotic. So many of the tweets, which were undoubtedly sent minutes, if not seconds, after the commercial aired, were not even factually true.

First of all, it is startling how many Americans do not know what their national anthem. Coca-Cola used the song “America the Beautiful” in their commercial. Contrary to what those citizens tweeting angrily may believe, our national anthem is actually “The Star Spangled Banner.”

It is also disconcerting how many people believe that they speak “American.” The Coca-cola ad inspired the hash tag #speakAmerican. There is no language, or school that will teach said language, “American.” The country is known for being an English speaking country, but that is not “American.”

Maybe this is why these people did not understand any of the languages spoken in the commercial, since none of them were “American.”

Coca-cola was not using “the language of terrorists.” They were showing the diverse, beautiful and rich culture of the United States.

America began as a melting pot of different languages and cultures and is still today working toward accepting all of the diverse cultures that want to be a part of what it is to be an American. Being American is about accepting those who want to join our culture to grow, learn and work.

There was a strong theme of what it means to be an American all throughout the super bowl, but what is forgotten is that there is no one characteristic that makes something American or not. America is the sum of its parts, including the languages spoken.

Coca-Cola is not the unpatriotic one; these people who sent in their angry tweets are the unpatriotic ones.