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The Blue & Gray Press | July 20, 2019

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D.I.Y corner


DIYWEBAs spring quickly approaches it is time to grab that drab, lifeless clutch from the black pit of your closet to give it a new lease on life and some air time.

Crafting is one of my favorite things to do because it costs very little and most of the materials can be found in your room!

The supplies you need are clutch, wallet, or smooth purse, craft paint or pencil.

If you don’t have an extra purse laying around, hit the thrift stores (vintage clutches run about $1 to $5) or the Target clearance aisle. Craft paint can be found at almost any dollar store, craft store or Target and it only costs around $1 to $2.

After trial and error, I found that a new pencil with an intact eraser makes the very best polka dot. However, Q-tips and the end of a makeup brush will do a decent job applied with varying degrees of pressure.

Once you have gathered your supplies, it is up to you to decide on your design. Let your inner artist run free! I can not resist a polka dot print, but if you do not want polka dots, use wedge makeup sponges to apply a geometric, tribal print.

Make your clutch a statement piece and go for graphic stripes, or try your hand at a floral pattern and ignore the Miranda Priestly voice in your head, “Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.”

The bag I chose is a vintage, navy blue clutch, which is a dime a dozen at thrift stores. I picked it up for a dollar figuring I could do something to jazz it up. Some craft paint and half an hour later, a new clutch emerged, I chose to only paint the flap because polka dots are a busy print, especially with a metallic blue paint.

Simple clutches are the ultimate blank canvases and there are hundreds of ways to make them fresh and personalized. Metallic paints will give your bag more of an evening feel, but a neon paint would be great way to get a little more pep in your day as spring and midterms approach.

After applying your design, give your bag at least a day to dry, and then you are ready to hit the town!