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The Blue & Gray Press | April 25, 2018

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Middle and high school students step for first


The UMW Alter Egos step team and UMW Breakers break dancing team preformed an entertaining routine during the 24th annual Step Show competition on Saturday, Feb. 22. While stepping, the judges deliberated over the impressive performances of this year’s competitors.

On the evening of the competition, five middle and high school step teams gathered in Dodd auditorium. The annual battle between teams is a well-known and celebrated event in both the Fredericksburg community and on the UMW campus. Students came from many places around the state, including the greater Fredericksburg, Woodbridge and Richmond areas to compete in this year’s competition.

The auditorium filled with UMW students, friends and family of the competitors from Glen Allen High School, Godwin Middle School, King George High School, Stafford High School and Rippon Middle School.

The crowd’s involvement added a unique element to the step performances. Amongst many exclamations of encouragement and excitement, “precision” was a word that was shouted repeatedly from the crowd.

An eighth grader from Godwin Middle School’s Prodigy step team said that “having precision and energy and trying not to look tired” were the hardest parts about performing.

The audience’s supportive and cheerful tone motivated the competitors to do their absolute best during each of the teams’ high-energy performances.

Step is a type of dance in which the hands, feet and voice are used as instruments. The choreography is known for being both rhythmic and energetic, yet can be tiring for its competitors. Stepping is not just clapping and stomping, however; comedic dialogue, intense choreography, intriguing facial expressions, dramatic shouts and chants can also be seen in a performance.

Although it was a tough call for the judges, King George Steppers won the third place title, Steppers of the Nile took second place and Prodigy Step Team of Godwin Middle School came out on top with first place.

“We worked really hard and trained a lot. We love our coach, its all her fault that we won,” said a Prodigy Step team member.

The competition’s top three teams were awarded with both trophies and a monetary prize.