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The Blue & Gray Press | July 20, 2019

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D.I.Y Corner: Coachella Inspired belt and headband


DIYCROWNWEBCoachella attendees inspired this week’s D.I.Y craft and Dolce and Gabanna’s 2014 runway show where the models donned crowns made of flowers, jewels and medallions.

Crowns do not belong only on the heads of music festival revelers and model, nor are they simply a fad from 2013. Notice Magazine is predicting more crowns in the fashion world’s future after recent crown appearances.

Celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Katy Perry and Ariana Grande were recently spotted sporting eye-catching crowns and headbands.

This craft takes crowns to the next level-it takes only 30 minutes and can also be used as a belt!

The project costs around $10, depending on what supplies you have on hand.

You will need: one glitter foam sheet ($1-2 at a craft store), a hot glue gun (if you do not have one, the Dollar Tree sells them) and a spool of ribbon (anywhere from $1-5 at a craft store or dollar store).

First, cut out different sized stars from your glitter foam sheet. I cut out five stars in three different sizes to achieve a cascading effect on my crown. It really comes down to personal preference; if you believe that more is better, cut out a galaxy of stars. If you want a simple statement piece, cut only a few!

Heat up your glue gun while you cut out the stars. Remember to use the glue gun somewhere safe, as it is hot and messy.

Next, pick out your ribbon. I used a 30-inch piece of ribbon because I wanted it to double as a belt, but if you just want a crown, measure your head and leave enough extra ribbon to tie it on. Arrange your stars on your ribbon before gluing; I always start with the biggest shapes on the lowest layer. Once you decide on a pattern, and your glue gun is nice and hot, it is time to glue.

When you are glue your stars to the ribbon, do not over glue-it can quickly get messy really fast. Put a small dot right on the middle of the back of your star and press firmly onto the ribbon. Once you apply glue to all your stars, you get to the hard part: letting it dry. Give it three to four hours before donning your new crown.

Lastly, crowns are not just for special occasions. If you need a pick me up during a hard week, slip it on. You will instantly feel more powerful and ready to conquer the campus.