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The Blue & Gray Press | October 20, 2018

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‘PLL’ season finale shocks fans again


The season four finale of “Pretty Little Liars” aired this past week, bringing in 6.3 million viewers and generating 1.5 million tweets. The episode brought all of the liars together, including the most important, one Alison.
The season itself included a good amount of twists and turns, with jaw dropping moments, such as Spencer’s relapse to the dreadful moment of Aria discovering the truth about the beloved Ezra.
Even though most questions were answered Pretty Little Liars has done it again. They managed to satisfy our burning the curiosity about everything, yet it was impossible for them to give the audience all the answers, leaving out the most important one: Exactly who is ‘A’?
The episode started off with Aria, Emily, Spencer, and Hanna sitting in a rundown restaurant with Alison. She explains what actually happened to her the night of her disappearance, which included the police department searching for the missing girls and interviewing the Hastings family.
Alison tells the four liars that they need to find out who ‘A’ is or else she will disappear for good. For “Pretty Little Liars,” it was a calming episode of clarifications and discoveries. Of course, this is not the typical style of “Pretty Little Liars.”
The last five minutes of the show literally had “Liars” fans on the edge of their seat. ‘A,’ masked of course, found the five girls and chases them with a gun, shooting at them but missing miserably.
“I thought it might be a threat to them rather than trying to actually kill them,“ said sophomore, environmental science major, Trecia D’Costa.
The girls ran onto a rooftop seemingly concerned. Suddenly, two doors open; Ezra appears out of one and ‘A’ out the other. It is a showdown between the English teacher and A.
Ezra seemed to win the fight, with ‘A’ on the ground and the gun out of reach. Hanna grabs the gun but is hesitant to shoot, letting ‘A’ jump over the ledge. The episode ends with the five girls surrounding the wounded Ezra yelling and calling out for help.
At the very end of the episode though, we see Mrs. DiLarentis buried in what we assume to be the same grave that she buried her own daughter in.
I am sure this is where most fans and viewers were annoyed with the girls. After all that they went through, one would think that the five of them combined could handle one masked human with a gun.
“I felt a little angry and upset because Hanna should have shot ‘A.’ They have all been through a lot and she could have easily shot him/her and finally reveal the identity of ‘A,” said sophomore Raven Roy. “If I had gone through that and I was in her place, I would have shot him!”
‘Pretty Little Liars’ left another painful cliffhanger that will leave fans waiting impatiently for the next season.
Will we finally find out who is ‘A’? Are we physically capable of waiting that long? Will Caleb ever return to Hanna? Are Emily and Paige really over? What is going on with poor Tobey? But, most importantly, is our adored Ezra alive?