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The Blue & Gray Press | July 18, 2019

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Feminists and fraternity unite against rape


fuc_kappasig-1 Feminists and and University of Mary Washington fraternity Kappa Sigma Alpha joined together for a workshop on rape culture and consent.

Kappa Sigma member Roy King approached Feminists United on Campus with an idea for a workshop that would help his fellow brothers understand the basic tenants of feminism and how to be more mindful of rape culture.

“Roy wanted to do an event that would bring the fundamentals of feminism to the brothers,” said Kelli Musick, the vice president of FUC. “The idea was to help change reputations and the bad behavior that can give fraternities bad reputations.”

The workshop, hosted by Musick and FUC president Paige McKinsey, focused on rape culture, consent, sexual violence and the tools needed to combat these problems. During the presentation, Musick and McKensy asked the brothers to think over their past experiences, and walked them through how people can feel after a negative sexual encounter.

Part of the workshop aimed to help the brothers avoid victim blaming behaviors, and educated on rape culture, and how it can easily be perpetuated without conscious realization.

“Instead of doing a feminism 101, we wanted to do something concrete and broad and applicable to men in college,” Musick said.

In addition, the workshop went over consent, and how to tell when a partner is consenting. FUC paid special attention to highlight that simply saying “yes” does not mean consent. Musick and McKensy went over what behaviors and phrases can indicate consent or nonconsent.

“Without consent, it is rape,” they warned the brothers.

According the Musick, the program was very successful, and is one that they hope to repeat in the future.

“There was talk of making the program required for new brothers in the future,” Musick said. In addition, FUC hopes to branch out and hold workshops with other on campus organizations or fraternities such as Psi Upsilon.

“Ending sexual violence on college campuses will be a joint effort; the collaboration of Feminists United on Campus and Kappa Sigma Fraternity to host this workshop illustrates a heightened dedication to preventing rape and to supporting survivors,” Musick said. “Feminists United on Campus is proud to be leading this effort.”


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