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The Blue & Gray Press | March 21, 2019

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Staff Editorial: UMW deserves better attention

One anonymous Facebook account in particular, UMW Confessions 2.0, received quite a bit of attention as of late. As the site’s About section states, UMW Confessions 2.0 was created for students to anonymously post secrets they are “itching to tell their classmates.”

While most of these confessions are harmless and entertaining, the Facebook account recently became a catchall for campus complaints.

One student shared, “I don’t know why people choose to stay at this school. There are too many things to legitimately complain about, and it’s only going to get worse.”

As many were beginning to see a pattern of these damaging comments directed toward the UMW campus facilities, staff and students, the creators of the Facebook account chose to respond.

On March 5, the site’s administrator’s posted a statement that asked participants to “stop submitting confessions about how [they] hate this school…[because]…Hate posts will not be tolerated.”

Since publication of the announcement, anonymous hate comments are filtered through and are no longer shared with the account’s nearly 800 avid readers.

We are proud to know that others like the creators of UMW Confessions 2.0 are taking a stand for our school and community. Instead of fixing on the negative aspects of life, focus on the reasons that originally brought you to UMW:

The campus: Take a look around. Notice the blooming flowers, the beautiful trees that shade Campus Walk and the number of fountains. It is a wonderful space, and so many people work hard to keep it that way.

The food: Have you ever visited another campus and quickly tired from the been-there-done-that greasy food selections? No matter where you choose to eat at UMW, you can find an array of healthier alternatives that cater to many dietary needs.

Ball Circle: Especially as the weather begins to change, students at UMW are lucky to have a space where everyone can come to sit, chat and catch some rays.

The intimate atmosphere: It is practically impossible to walk around campus and not recognize someone you know. Whether it is a good friend or a professor, being able to recognize someone makes you feel part of a community.

Sustainability: UMW is very active in practicing and promoting recycling. Their efforts are commendable, and recycling is a great act that many have the opportunity to get behind here.