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Editorial: A Look Inside the Office

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By THE BLUE AND GRAY PRESS STAFF We are The Blue & Gray Press, an old publication under a new name. We are a student newspaper established through the work of preceding journalists. We follow the code of ethics developed by those before us and continue to cover the student body and the UMW community as we move forward.


We are The Blue & Gray Press, an old publication under a new name. We are a student newspaper established through the work of preceding journalists. We follow the code of ethics developed by those before us and continue to cover the student body and the UMW community as we move forward.

The Blue & Gray Press is fully run and written by students and covers campus events, as well as events within the community of Fredericksburg. No matter the name of the paper, our drive for optimal, accurate and ethical coverage will never cease to exist.

Along with our focused coverage on the individualism of UMW students and events, we have also put a new focus on the aesthetic of the Blue & Gray Press. The new paper reflects our school colors and includes a modernized layout in order to bring our paper in line with our 21st century students. We will be incorporating technology and new graphics to help you better understand what is happening on your campus.

This modernization will also extend to our website and social media, both of which are important outlets for better communication and outreach with UMW students, alumni and the community.

The Blue & Gray Press editorial board is working hard to connect to students and wishes to be known and available to the UMW community. We invite all to read our personal histories both as journalists, and, simply, as students.

My name is Alison Thoet and I am the editor-in-chief of The Blue & Gray Press. I am a senior English and journalism double major and have pursued journalism since high school. I was an assistant news editor my freshman year and moved up to news editor my sophomore year. I hope to graduate into the real world of reporting in May while always remembering the things I learned here with my Blue & Gray Press family.

I am honored to be EIC for a second year and hope to produce a paper with accurate, interesting work that highlights the great work of our students and the UMW community. I see our student newspaper as an outlet for displaying the individuality of our school and students, which truly sets us apart from any other university. I count myself lucky to work with such a strong editorial board that has grown into intelligent and strong journalists.

I am Jonathan Polson, senior political science and journalism double major and the associate editor on The Blue & Gray Press. I have been a member of the UMW student newspaper since my freshman year and have enjoyed the opportunity it provides for me to experience the university community in a unique way. From my time as a news writer, to viewpoints editor, to the position I hold now, I have been able to experience special aspects of UMW and work closely with many amazing students. Following graduation, I plan to pursue a career in political communication, while always using the skills gained on The Blue & Gray Press in exciting ways.

My name is Mariah Young. I’m a senior political science and journalism double major. Originally from Chesapeake, Va., I have made Fredericksburg my new home while spending my summers in Washington, DC. As a student, I work at the university speaking center and debate on the university’s policy debate team. I have worked at several internships while at UMW, ranging from non-profit work to political campaigns.

As Managing Editor, I oversee the production of the entire paper every week alongside Jonathan and Alison. I also work on design and layout, manage the advertising team and make sure the paper does not go up in flames. I have been on this paper since my first day as a student at UMW. This staff has become my family, and the one article I was assigned my freshman year has turned journalism into my life. My goal is to make sure information is getting to the university community, as well as being a platform for the community. I look forward to working with you and expanding my “news” family.

I am Hope Racine, and I am a senior journalism major from Fairfax, Va. I have been involved with the paper since my sophomore year, and during my time I have been an assistant style editor, style editor and I am currently co-news editor. I have been involved in student journalism since I was in elementary school, and with each year of experience my love grows. Writing for The Blue & Gray Press has been the most fulfilling experience of my college career, and in my last year at UMW I hope to help The Blue & Gray Press morph into a paper that truly represents our student body and the interests of our community.

My name is Nephthalie Lauture, and I am a senior English major from Stafford, Va. This is my second year with The Blue & Gray Press and my first year as news editor. I am a transfer student from Old Dominion University, where I wrote as an entertainment writer for the student newspaper, the Mace & Crown. I also serve as EIC of the Battlefield yearbook.

The Blue & Gray Press is very important to me, as it is what I want to do with my career. To be able to gain journalistic experience with my friends at a school that I love is a great opportunity, and I am learning so much.

Our editorial board is faced with the important task of giving the UMW community the most accurate and current news in an ethical manner. To bear that responsibility means the world to us, and we are forever grateful for the support we have received.

My name is Amanda Motley, and I am a senior from Woodbridge, Va. I am majoring in journalism with a specialization in public relations. I transferred to UMW from Northern Virginia Community College before my junior year. I have been a writer, assistant editor and editor since joining the paper. When I am not obsessing over the life section, you can find me crafting, painting or reading Harry Potter.

I am Chris Markham, and I am the sports editor of The Blue & Gray Press. I am currently a sophomore and run cross-country and track for UMW. I am a prospective journalism major and aim to become a sports writer as my career. Sports are a passion of mine and journalism is a close second. Combining the two has been and always will be a dream of mine. Writing for The Blue & Gray Press is a tremendous learning experience, as it prepares me for the real world and hopefully bridges me into a job after school.

My name is Mona Osmer, and I am from Southold, N.Y. I am pursuing a special major in international relations and journalism. I look forward to taking this year’s paper to a higher level and making the viewpoints section include the university community more than ever before. I think that we as a school are becoming more technologically advanced, and I want to exemplify that in the publication of The Blue & Gray Press. My intention is to create a more sophisticated outlook on our world today by including articles that make our students think about current events in depth.

I am Lauren Brumfield, a senior English major with a concentration in Creative Writing. When not studying for class or working in the UMW’s division of learning and technologies center, you can generally find me working on personal graphic design projects or managing the online website for The Blue & Gray Press. As online editor, I am in charge of not only maintaining the newspaper’s current website, but brainstorming and eventually implementing a new website layout to match the aesthetic of the print version. I am excited for all that this year has to offer, and I look forward to being given the opportunity to help make The Blue & Gray Press the best it can be.

I am Ginny Clark, and I am the photo editor for The Blue & Gray Press. As a senior double majoring in English and Linguistics, I joined The Blue & Gray Press in hopes of exploring UMW’s campus and expanding my worldview. I enjoy both writing and photography and believe my contributions in these areas might add to the virtue of The Blue & Gray Press.

My name is Cara Sexton, and I am the finance manager for The Blue & Gray Press. I am a senior business major. Some of my interests include business planning, finance, marketing and management. Before becoming the finance director last year, I served as a news writer during my sophomore year and was also the news editor for my high school’s paper. I continue to enjoy being a part of the newspaper staff at UMW.

My name is Jasmine Rice, and I am from Woodbridge, Va. I am a senior at UMW majoring in business administration with a concentration in marketing and management, and I am the new ad manager for The Blue and Gray Press. My expected graduation date is May 2015. This is my first year working with the newspaper, and I am excited to be on board.

The editorial board wishes to maintain transparency in its coverage and reach the UMW community in new and unique ways. We wish to be present in the community as a source of news that reflects the tradition of the individual students, as well as the school as a community while highlighting their work and accomplishments.

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