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The Blue & Gray Press | July 18, 2019

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Farewell Derek Jeter


Live footage of Jeter’s last game showed hundreds of fans with tears rolling down their faces, tipping their hats in his direction, acknowledging the career of a lifetime.

Jeter’s 20-year career spent with the New York Yankees, came to end with an infield single against Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchhold at Fenway Park this past Sunday, Sept. 28.

Jeter left the field with a legacy, topping the charts of Major League Baseball’s top ten hits, at-bats and runs.

With 260 home runs and 3,465 hits, Jeter has been both the captain and the figurehead for the New York Yankees.

His farewell commercial, sponsored by Gatorade, which aired Sept. 8, gave myself and fellow New Yorkers the chills. It was absolutely heart wrenching to watch such an influential player leave the team for good.

The Yankees are a team that have always been an influential part of New York culture, and, from my experience, we hold them in far higher regard than the Mets, as their history goes deeper than their more recent unpopularity.

Pinstripes and navy blue ball caps are a strong symbol for New Yorkers everywhere, and although Yankees had to let go of a phenomenal player on Sunday, they will continue to root for the true baseball team of New York state with pride and loyalty.

What started it all was Jeter’s home run in game one of the 1996 American League Champion Series, which made him an instant New York hero. He also earned the title of the 2000 All-Star Game Most Valuable Player.

As one who never jumped on the Mets bandwagon, I salute Jeter and his career, as well as his loyalty to the team through its highs and lows.

The team’s name alone encompasses the history of New York and the state’s determination to uphold justice for all. The Yankees will forever hold a spot in my heart, just as Derek Jeter will.

The number two pinstriped jersey will never fit any man the same, nor will it instill the same type of pride as it did on Jeter.

Cheers, Mr. November, your legacy lives on in the hearts of your most loyal and dedicated fans.