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The Blue & Gray Press | August 16, 2018

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'Once Upon a Time' meets 'Frozen'

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*Contains spoilers*

Storybrooke erupted with magic in the season premiere of “Once Upon a Time.” Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven, trolls and the snow monster all made apperanances, tying the hit movie “Frozen” and “Once Upon A Time” together in a new plot.

The smash hit “Frozen” was in theatres during late 2013 and created thousands of instant fans.  It only makes sense that Disney, the parent company of ABC, combined the popular film with “Once” to bring a new mystery to Storybrooke.

In the season three finale of “Once Upon A Time,” viewers were shocked with a cliffhanger of what looked suspiciously like our favorite Ice Queen.

The best part about the addition is that the show barely veers from the movie’s plot. The season opened with Elsa and Anna’s parents on the ship that led to their doom. The princesses have a secret that they have been keeping from their family, a theme similar to so many other “Once” characters.

As Anna is trying on her wedding dress, Elsa finds a diary and a secret that drives the plot. She believes that she is responsible for her parents’ death when they died while sailing to Mist Haven to find answers about their daughter’s mysterious powers.

Elsa blames herself for her parents’ death, and Anna knows she has to go off to find what their parents were hiding. She leaves her fiancé Kristoff and Elsa behind and takes voyage toward Mist Haven, better known as the Enchanted Forrest.

The casting could not be more spot on. Georgina Haig as the infamous Ice Queen Elsa, Elizabeth Lail as the ardent Anna, and Scott Michael Foster as Kristoff all exemplify their characters impeccably.

The plots of the movie and the ongoing storyline of “Once” also intertwine with each other perfectly. The show slips back and forth from present day to subplots of Elsa and Anna’s lives.

“‘Once Upon A Time’ always does a great job tying the show to all of the famous plots,” senior English major Zoe Houge said. “Frozen is no exception. The plot is tied together perfectly.”

In other continuing plot lines, Robin Hood’s wife is back and causing Regina to revert to some of her old ways, leaving the audience questioning once again whether or not she is really evil.

Mr. Gold and Belle share a sweet moment in the premiere when they play tribute to “Beauty and The Beast” with a ballroom dance as husband and wife. Do not let that fool you though, Mr. Gold is another character that cannot seem to shake off his old ways.

So far with all of the new characters and drama, “Once” is looking like it will give another dramatic, magical season to fans.