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The Blue & Gray Press | October 16, 2018

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Is the Walking Dead losing substance?


It was announced that the popular AMC series, “The Walking Dead,” was renewed for a sixth season prior to the premiere of season five, which has prompted some fans, such as myself, to wonder if this type of entertainment is sustainable, or if a shorter series with a swifter conclusion would have been best.

For a show that increasingly relies on shock, awe and gore, it is hard to wrap one’s head around the fact that this series has run since 2010.

Since its inception, the show has been immensely popular due to its psychological twist on the classic zombie genre. Moreover, the ability to consistently leave episodes and seasons on intense cliff hangers created a very loyal fan base, emphasized in their recent article on the series. The popularity of the show was highlighted when directors pointed out that the season four finale drew 15.7 million viewers.

There is no denying that the show is both incredibly popular and equally addictive, but, as the same article muses, “How much life is left in The Walking Dead?”

Longtime fans were fairly certain that the third season was a sign of the end, as it marked the beginning of a rough spot for the show. Forbes culture contributor Erik Kain wrote a scathing review following the third season’s conclusion back in 2012 that attacked the increasingly poor writing and incoherent plot.

Flash forward to season four’s conclusion, and it would appear that the plot is again taking a backseat. Drama, according to co-star Norman Reedus, will be replaced by an “insane” amount of gore.

As a longtime fan, I can still remember watching the first episode and being instantly mesmerized by the blend of mystery, drama and violence. Since, I have been disappointed by the reliance on violence to compensate for a lack of a strong plot. Rather than drag out a so-so conclusion, I believe that it would be best to go the way of another AMC show, “Breaking Bad,” and end on a high note when the plot is still coherent and enticing.


  1. Melinda

    I believe that the actual comics that the show is based on is still an active comic book. The comics have not ended yet. Even though the show is not 100% like the comic, it still tries to stick with the same story line. Maybe they are going to continue as long as the writer is keeping the comic going.
    I personally love the show. There are several characters that have even come over from HBO’s series The Wire.