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The Blue & Gray Press | January 16, 2019

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Intramural Flag Football champions crowned

Intramural Flag Football champions crowned

UMW Campus Rec


The University of Mary Washington’s Department of Campus Recreation has wrapped up its 2014 flag football season. Despite lower participation as compared to last year, each of the leagues saw plenty of exciting games.

The last championship game was held on Tuesday, Oct. 21, where the distinguished championship t-shirts were distributed to the victors.

“It was fun being able to get away from my sport and be competitive in another sport with my teammates,” said sophomore business major Jacob Burke, who was a member of the Men’s A Championship team Team Fútbol.

Although Team Fútbol was successful for multiple reasons, Burke believes one overarching attribute carried his team.
“We had speed, and speed kills,” Burke said. “I’m looking forward to next season, new competition and winning another championship.”

Many would argue that the most competitive league is Men’s A, but Dan Gardner, the assistant director of Campus Recreation for intramural sports and sport clubs, feels differently about the championships.

“The Coed B championship was the most exciting game of all. There were a lot of lead changes, and it was very intense,” Gardner said.

Junior history major Maximilion Starr was a player on the Coed B championship team The Motley Crew.

“There was a real sense of teamwork, and in the championship game everything started to click,” Starr said. “We all worked together, and as a team we excelled. I wish there was a spring season. It was a fantastic experience. I loved the people and cannot wait until next year.”

According to Gardner, everyone who played had an amazing time and put forth a great effort.

“The season went well. We were able to play all of the games without cancelling due to inclement weather,” Gardner said. “The teams that played had a good experience.”

Starting the season in September instead of October was the biggest change that occurred in the offseason, which both benefited and hurt the league.

“The early start helped and hurt us,” Gardner said, who believes that because the season started so early, a lot people didn’t hear about it.

“I’m hopeful for next year,” Gardner said, who is expecting a higher level of participation for next season.
Even though this season turned out successful, Gardner said he still has a few plans and goals for next year.

“I really want to continue to get freshman and sophomore participation,” Gardner said. “I also want to figure out how to get them involved with other intramural sports.”

Campus Recreation is also introducing a resource this year. A new mobile phone app called “Rec It” will allows players to keep up with their team during the season.

“We’ll check it out over winter and push it in the spring,” Gardner said, still stressing that students should get involved with campus recreation and intramural sports.

Some upcoming intramural sports are volleyball, indoor soccer and Battleship. To join a team, create an account on, find UMW and get registered.

There are four leagues: Men’s A, Men’s B, Coed A, and Coed B. The championship teams are as follows:
Men’s A – Team Fútbol
Men’s B – Free Agents Eagles
Coed A – Super Troopers
Coed B – The Motley Crew