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The Blue & Gray Press | May 23, 2018

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D.I.Y Dorm Room: Leaf Jar

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Lauren Mosesso/The Blue & Gray Press


Capture a piece of autumn for your room or apartment by creating a decorated candle jar.

The numerous trees on the University of Mary Washington’s campus are full of brilliant colors, providing an excellent opportunity to create this craft.

The leaf jar, inspired by Pinterest, uses the vibrant colors of leaves, producing a warm glow and instantly makes any room cozy. You can use this jar all throughout the season, and it’s a fun project to do with your family when you are home during Thanksgiving break.  This craft has only six easy steps and costs less than $10.



Mod Podge glue (i.e. spreadable glue)

17 ounce or larger clear Mason jar

Ten or more real or artificial large leaves of various colors and sizes, stems removed

1-2 inch paint brush

One battery operated votive

Optional Materials:

12” ribbon



Wash the Mason jar, making sure the label and adhesive are completely removed.

Paint a thick coat of spreadable glue on the jar.

Before the glue dries, affix several leaves on the jar, holding each leaf down for a couple of seconds.

Coating the back of each leaf with spreadable glue, add more leaves to the jar, overlapping these with the first layer of leaves.

Paint a final coat of spreadable glue on the leaves.

Allow to completely dry, approximately 24 hours.

Optional: If desired, add a ribbon around the neck of the jar.

Tips: (1) You can use jars from products such as spaghetti sauce instead of a Mason jar. (2) Thin leaves work best for this project.