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The Blue & Gray Press | May 25, 2018

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Plugged In: Rabib Hasan’s playlist

Plugged In: Rabib Hasan’s playlist


As a member of Divest UMW, Rabib Hasan, junior sociology major, takes a particular interest in serving as an activist on the University of Mary Washington campus. Along with the rest of the campaign group working to have UMW withdraw from its investment in companies that profit from the exploitation of fossil fuels, Hasan feels his passion for this environmental issue is reflected in his music choices. In fact, Hasan draws a lot of his political views from the music he listens to, citing music as an interest that keeps him actively searching for new and intriguing, often independent-based bands.

“Não Vou Parar” – Lê Almeida
Although Lê Almeida’s lyrics are indecipherable to those who do not speak Portugese, Hasan points out that foreign bands create connections between countries through those who listen to and share their music. Running across the song after finding their record label’s SoundCloud account (Transfusão Noise Records) on a random search, Hanson was drawn to the “reverse delay and abstract sounds” included in the song.

“New Language” – (The Sounds of) Kaleidescope, From Where You Were to How You Got There (2005)
A band based out of Washington, D.C., Hasan associates a feeling of nostalgia with this song due to its shoegaze vibe, a genre of music that emerged in the early 90s. “It’s pop with reverb and takes up space with a riff that you can focus in on,” he said.

“Shoot the Singer” – Pavement, Slanted & Enchanted: Luxe and Reduxe (1992)
Ever since a friend gave him a copy of Pavement’s greatest hits album, Hasan gives partial credit to Pavement for being the band that originally sparked his interest in music. After hearing the band on the soundtrack for the film, “The Perks of a Wallflower,” his appreciation for them was further solidified, along with a distinct association of their music with his former high school years.

“Kaleidescope” – Ringo Deathstarr, Colour Trip (2011)
After a good old-fashioned stalking session of a local musician’s music likes on Facebook for inspiration, Hasan ran across Ringo Deathstarr. A distorted and hazy love song, Kaleidescope demonstrates the lighthearted feel that this Beatles/Star Wars inspired band creates.

“Blank Space” – Taylor Swift, 1989 (2014)
A Top 40 pop hit, “Blank Space” is a departure from Hasan’s other musical preferences. However, he admires Swift’s ability to “switch it up and produce banger pop music.” Furthermore, he points out that Swift’s overall pop sensibility has connections to his other playlist choices that could be considered pop as well, just coming from a different viewpoint.