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The Blue & Gray Press | July 20, 2019

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‘The Drunken City’ is coming to Klein Theatre

‘The Drunken City’ is coming to Klein Theatre


A bachelorette party gone wild will soon be on display at the University of Mary Washington. “The Drunken City” is the next highly anticipated production brought to campus by the UMW theatre department. This modern and glamorous play brings all the fun and humor of “Sex And the City” on an action-packed stage. The tension and excitement will be palpable in the Klein Theater as the actors bring the characters to life.

Kat Zeringue, a senior theatre major, plays Marnie, the bride to be. Theatre majors, sophomore Megan Khaziran, and senior Taryn Snyder, play the bridesmaids Melissa and Linda. These three women head out for Marnie’s last night in the city as a bachelorette, where they meet Frank and Eddie, played by Josh Bartosch, a junior theatre major, and senior Austin Bouchard.

During the play, Marnie deals with a severe case of pre-wedding jitters that cloud her judgment. The bridesmaids have their hands full trying to keep the bride from making the biggest mistake of her life as she starts questioning if she made the right decision about her marriage. That is when they call in the big guns: Bob, played by Ford Torney, enters the scene and tries to hold everything together.

The actors each bring their own unique personalities to the performance, making this show unique to the UMW stage.

“The set, lights and spectacle are going to come out great. Different than any other show,” said senior political science and theatre major Ebony Dixon.

“The Drunken City” will run every Thursday through Sunday from Feb. 12-22.