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The Blue & Gray Press | July 20, 2019

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UMW police make updates to dispatch system

UMW police make updates to dispatch system


The University of Mary Washington’s Police Department is in the process of installing a new computer system that will gather more data about the systems students use.

The Computer Aided Dispatch system will be installed during the first week of March and will be functional when UMW reopens after spring break.

The CAD system will be able to collect data the UMW Police Department previously did not have access to, including the exact number of students who use the blue-light system on campus.

According to Police Chief Michael Hall, the previous computer system is old-fashioned and requires a much-needed update.

While the CAD system will give more exact data and better prepare UMW Police for an emergency, many UMW students said they generally already feel safe on campus.

Freshman Megan Sokolowski said that, in her experience, UMW generates less crime than at other universities.

“You hear about shootings and bomb threats on bigger campuses. On our campus, you don’t hear about stuff like that,” said Sokolowski.

Students also responded positively to the services the UMW Police Department offers.

Sophomore Eugene Darfour contacted the police when he lost his cell phone last semester. According to Darfour, the police were helpful and drove him around to try and find it.

“I think Campus Police does very well, at least in my opinion,” said Darfour.

Senior computer science major Douglas Radoye noted that the UMW police are invested in the students’ well being and often engage them in conversation.

“They care a lot about the students,” said Radove. “They don’t look to get the students in trouble. They talk and try to help them.”