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The Blue & Gray Press | July 17, 2018

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ITCC celebrates the opening of Digital Auditorium

ITCC celebrates the opening of Digital Auditorium


The University of Mary Washington Information and Technology Convergence Center has become a source of all things involving technology for the student body. The newly opened Digital Auditorium, which is on the first floor of the ITCC, is no exception.

This past weekend, on Saturday, March 14, there was a vast celebration for the opening of the Digital Auditorium.

While the Convergence Center has been open all year for students to use, the purpose of the Digital Auditorium grand opening was to showcase the many different abilities and uses of the space. It has the unique ability of holding the needs for multiple types of groups.

The Digital Auditorium can be used for classes, lectures or for entertainment purposes, which were all on display during the many events of the grand opening. The auditorium is unique in the sense that it has two stories with full theatre seating that can be moved in and out based on the purpose of the event.

The room is one of the more technically advanced rooms in the ITCC due to the theatre lighting and equipment the room holds.

“The student body can benefit from the Digital Auditorium in many ways, depending on how they choose to utilize it and take advantage of what it provides,” said Leah Tams, administrative assistant to the special assistant to the provost for teaching, technology and innovation.

Any student group on campus can use the auditorium. Students can reserve the space in the same ways that they would reserve a regular room in the ITCC. The idea of the space is to be versatile to the needs of the group.

“I would love to see student clubs perform or hold large discussions in the auditorium,” said senior English major Lauren Brumfield, who helped promote the event. “It would also be cool to see Cheap Seats use it on the weekends.”

The opening was unique because it was also UMW Founder’s Day and Pi day. This past Saturday marked the 107th Founder’s Day of UMW. The equally anticipated Pi day was celebrated with pizza and activities surrounding the geometry-based holiday.

Events for the opening celebration included a free breakfast with cartoons and Mario Kart, Pi Day celebrations, Fall Line Blue Grass band, BellACappella, One Note Stand, The Undeniably Adjacent, UMW Eagle Bhangra and Save the Arcadian.

Lauren Brumfield is the online editor of The Blue & Gray Press.