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The Blue & Gray Press | August 19, 2019

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Spring fashion brings back vintage styles

Spring fashion brings back vintage styles


Spring is here, and if you (like most of us) are still walking around campus wearing knee-high boots and wool coats, the idea of a spring wardrobe has probably yet to cross your mind.

Nonetheless, fashion calls and spring trend lists have arrived. As we have all been told countless times, fashion is cyclical, and this proves true once again with the return of the 70s. That’s right. Runways and designers alike are going retro, with a modern twist of course. For both men and women, this season’s trends also mean keeping your eyes open for psychedelic prints and minimalist outlines.

However, before you go asking your mom for bell-bottomed jeans and peace sign necklaces, know that spring 2015 is not a redo of 70s fashion, but rather a reminiscing. This will mean flared and modestly wide-legged denim, which complements most body types.

If you are looking for a spring coat to get you through those mild temperatures, grab the trench coat tucked away in your closet. As far as colors go for said coat, it can be as individual as the person; do not restrict yourself to the classic tan.

Make sure to also grab at least one tie neck blouse in pastel colors for spring. When the weather starts getting warmer, begin transitioning to crop tops (which you may have left over from the end of last summer) or halter-tops.

If you’re feeling especially nostalgic, you may even grab yourself a pair of block heels or platform sandals to rock through the remainder of the spring season. For those of us who are more hesitant to jump right into this season’s flashback trends, you may want to start with more modest pieces. Try playing around with vintage accessories such as round-eyed sunglasses, medium-washed denim or bucket bags.

Women’s wardrobes are not the only ones that are jumping back in time. While men’s fashion is typically never as drastic as women’s, there are a few new trends directed at men this season as well, the most accessible being retro polos. This will take form in color blocking, two-tone, argyle or banded polos. If you are more of a t-shirt kind of person, then grab a few funky patterned shirts to don throughout the rest of the spring. But be warned, psychedelic patterns can be a tricky line to walk. Too bold and you may ruin your whole outfit, so go modest in pattern and bold in coloring.

The other top trend bidding for men’s attention this spring is bomber coats. Luckily, couture has given the OK on essentially any type, be it shearling-lined or leather, have fun and you can’t go wrong.

This season is mandating a 70s state of mind, so keep your prints funky and your pants flared. While perusing department store racks and waiting for a far out summer, make sure to see everything through rose-colored glasses.