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The Blue & Gray Press | August 23, 2019

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SHH raises money for work in Honduras during Thrift SHHop

SHH raises money for work in Honduras during Thrift SHHop


A multitude of clothing and other items sat neatly folded on tables as part of the merchandise sold at the Students Helping Honduras’ Thrift SHHop fundraiser. SHH sold these donations on Ball Circle to raise money for the organization’s work in Honduras.

According to vice president of SHH, James Norden, a senior business administration major, this was the third year the organization held the Thrift SHHop fundraising event.

“I really loved the thrift store on Ball. I actually donated some clothes to it,” said Lexy Maratellos, a freshman sociology major. “I bought a shirt and a scarf to show my support for Students Helping Honduras.”

The items included books, shoes, children and adult clothing and other miscellaneous items. Donations came from University of Mary Washington students, Simpson Library, local libraries and local community members.

According to Norden, a lot of on-hand donations during the event came from professors at UMW walking past the Thrift SHHop.

SHH sells the items donated during the Thrift SHHop with prices ranging from $2-30. This specific fundraiser supported the building of a fourth grade classroom in a bilingual school.

Thrift SHHop, according to Norden, is also the largest fundraiser SHH holds throughout the year. Other events the club conducts include volleyball tournaments, bake sales and an annual 5k race.

“This year’s our most successful so far,” said Norden in reference to Thrift SHHops of past years. The club raised over $300 from both donations and money made from the sales.

SHH canceled the second day of the event due to weather complications.

The organization raises money throughout the fall semester for trips to Honduras that take place during Winter Break. Students participating in the trip help build schools, get to know the people in Honduras and experience the culture there.

The fundraisers in the spring semester all go toward funding actual projects in Honduras; they specifically help with buying supplies for building projects and the schools themselves.

The leftover clothing items are saved for the next semester’s thrift shop, sold online or donated to Goodwill.