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The Blue & Gray Press | August 21, 2019

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Performing Arts Club performs annual spring Big Show

Performing Arts Club performs annual spring Big Show


Semester long preparation came alive this past weekend when the University of Mary Washington Performing Arts Club put on their annual Big Show.

The event is the culmination of all the performers’ hard work and showcases big talent with a variety of different dance styles.

The Big Show contained all of the important elements of stellar performances. It included variations of music, bright, bold costumes and a lot of amazing talent.

Dances were choreographed to songs such as “Dark Paradise” by Lana Del Rey, “Let’s Hear It For The Boy” by Deniece Williams, “Feeling Good” by Michael Buble and many more catchy hit songs.

One of the most memorable dances revolved around “Feeling Good,” an arrangement by Emily Burch. The dancers moved across the stage using chairs as props, which created a 1920’s style of dancing that the song was modeled after.

Another remarkable performance was junior art history major Emily Warren’s arrangement, “Take Me To Church” by Sofia Karlberg. The dance followed the music well and the dancers moved together in a manner that conveyed the heavy emotions of the song.

“I thought the show was so good,” said freshman Elaina Fink. “I loved the costumes and the choreography and style of the dances.”

For senior Samantha Robinson, this year’s show was the last she will perform in as an undergrad. Robinson has been a member of PAC since her freshman year at UMW.

“The best thing about being in PAC was that I was able to grow as a dancer, and meet other amazing dancers who are so supportive of each other,” Robinson said.

PAC’s Big Show is always a highlight for students during the spring semester. The show is always completely student-run and choreographed. Student performers choreograph the dances, and every student who performs goes through an audition process.

According to Bethany Alley, senior English major and PAC president, students audition at the beginning of each semester. The choreographers have to have been in PAC for three semesters and have choreographed an arrangement from small show. Each arrangement is reviewed and chosen based on the diversity of the arrangements.

“My favorite thing about Big Show is that we all get to share something we love with the rest of the school,” Alleysaid. “The dancers commit a lot of time to putting the show together and it’s great to share the stage with each other and to perform for friends and family.”

This year’s performance accomplished everything the performers set out to share with the UMW community, as well as celebrating the hard work of each dancer and choreographer.