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The Blue & Gray Press | August 23, 2019

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Plugged In: Timeless tunes for the semester

Plugged In: Timeless tunes for the semester


If you are like me, finding something you feel like listening to can be very difficult sometimes. For instance, I can spend a couple minutes shuffling through my music library on my phone, repeatedly tapping the ‘skip’ button in search of a song that I actually feel like listening to.

Sometimes it is not only about the lyrics, but more about the feel of the music. Music can help convey unexpressed emotions and help you through rough patches.

Whether you tune out the lyrics or mindlessly sing along, you really can immerse yourself into a song and feel the music.

Last year, one of my roommates introduced me to a great artist that fits any occasion or mood. Whether you are on your way to class, trying to study or need some tunes to listen to on the weekend, Lake Street Dive is a great band to listen to.

According to their website, Lake Street Dive began in Boston in 2004 with Mike Olson, Rachael Price, Bridget Kearney and Mike Calabrese. At the time, they were all students at the New England Conservatory of Music in Massachusetts. Their most recent album is “Bad Self Portrait,” released in 2014.

I have created a playlist that is based purely off the sound that Lake Street Dive emanates, and contains many different genres of music that are all cohesive with one another when played back-to-back.

1. Lake Street Dive “You Go Down Smooth”​ (2014):

This song starts off the playlist with a bluesy feeling, reminiscent of John Mayer and coffee shops. If you can, try finding a live version. Lead singer Rachael Price’s vocals are stunning.

2. Adele ​“I’ll Be Waiting”​ (2011):

Adele’s sound is jazzy and clearer on her second album, “21,” on which you can find this song. Although her music is considered pop, it contains strong elements of soul. Like all Adele music in my opinion, it is truly the most epic in the car whilst driving. I have also found it to be a perfect pump-up song for a walk to class as well as casual background party music.

3. Ed Sheeran ​“Bloodstream”​ (2014):

This song is found on Sheeran’s album, ​“X.” The songs begin with clear acoustic sounds to which Sheeran adds a modern, pop flair. His singing and songwriting skills shine through in this album, particularly in this song. One could listen to this while doing homework, but I think this is best when enjoyed while with friends or getting ready to party on a Friday night.

4. John Mayer ​“The Heart of Life”​ (2006):

Mayer’s music is most commonly accepted as a type of indie rock. This song is found on his album “Continuum,” a throwback album if there ever was one. Mayer’s music just begs for a

5. Maroon 5 ​“Sunday Morning”​ (2002):

Although Maroon 5’s recent work is consistently found among the top pop charts, this song belongs to their simpler days. Found on their album ​“Songs About Jane,”​ this song makes for an excellent power walk jam, especially if you are running late to class.

6. Koop ​“Come to Me”​ (2007):

If you watch ​“Grey’s Anatomy,”​ this band will have a familiar feeling as it is found on the series’ soundtrack. Say what you will about ​the show, but they know how to pick emotionally charged songs and this is one of them.This song is a bit jazzier and found on their album ​“Koop Island.”​

7. Norah Jones ​“Painter Song”​ (2002):

This song belongs to Jones’ breakout album, ​“Come Away With Me.”​ True to its name, this song feels artistic in both sound and lyrics, composing beautiful imagery.

8. Brian Howe ​“All I Want is You”​ (1997):

This song is straight off Howe’s album, “Tangled in Blue.” Although classified as rock, I enjoy this song the most during my campus walks.

9. Weezer ​“Island in the Sun”​ (2001):

Personally, Weezer’s song is a cross between pop and rock, yet officially classified as alternative. However, that genre is not descriptive of this song. If you have the time, check out the entire album ​“Green Album.” ​Like this song, the album has a steady beat, perfect for those intense study sessions.

10.Lifehouse ​“Everything”​ (2000):

Lifehouse consistently creates good thinking music, but this song exemplifies that. A longer song that builds slowly it is a great soundtrack to whatever you may be doing during your day. Talk about a throwback.