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The Blue & Gray Press | August 21, 2019

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A guide to bringing street style to campus

A guide to bringing street style to campus


For my 8 a.m. class last semester, I always gravitated to my staple black yoga pants, athletic shirts and finished with a very messy hair bun. However, this semester I have noticed that more students are dressing in chic clothes for classes rather than focusing on comfortability.

My biggest day-to-day challenge when getting my outfit organized is figuring out a versatile outfit for walking around campus, sitting in class and, of course, working on an art project. This combo does just that and is incredibly comfortable.

For instance, the “Going to the Art Studio” look which features a crop top and denim high-waisted combo pulls elements from the 1990s and is a modern way to look both comfortable and chic on campus. The classic crop-top elevates the look to the 21st century while the medium wash, high-waisted denim pants and the brown lace-up boots bring us back to the 90’s.

Secondly, and a must have for any college girl, is the classic denim jacket. I was a little bit obsessed with the denim look in high school and now I have denim jackets of almost every wash. This lighter blue jacket is always the perfect piece to throw over an outfit. In addition, the thicker material is perfect for the chilly autumn nights later in September.

From the black boots to the high ponytail the “TGIF” look screams party. Whether you are planning to go to a rave or just hang out in a friend’s dorm room, this outfit is perfect for any Friday night plans that you may have. The spiked necklace pulls from the 90s, again, with its grunge aesthetic and lets you remain stylish and comfortable.

After your Friday, whichever way it was spent, don the “Going Antiquing Downtown” look. Perfect for late August and early September, which have some of the hottest temperatures of the year in Virginia, the large black sunhat protects your skin from the sun and makes a very cute fashion statement. If I were to go to a music festival, this is the outfit that I would most likely wear.

And on Sunday, what could beat the “Walking to Brunch” look? An alternative outfit to the University Center brunch, which is just as comfortable as wearing pajamas, would be a cotton dress, leather boots and a brown leather jacket. If Serena Van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl can make the effort and wear a cocktail dress to an Upper East Side brunch after a night of partying, why shouldn’t we?

In contrast, the “Reading in the Library” look is perfect for the coming fall temperatures. With its thicker cable knit sweater and knee socks, this look is a classic schoolgirl outfit. It also includes a pastel skater skirt, thin black leather belt and flats. This is the perfect outfit to wear for a study date or simply to class during this autumn.


  1. Anonymous

    You only notice people dressing nice this semester because it’s the beginning of the year when everyone tries… And then falls into “idgaf” mode for the rest of the year and cold weather, haha