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The Blue & Gray Press | August 19, 2019

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Global Café brings a taste of globalization to the Dining Hall

Global Café brings a taste of globalization to the Dining Hall


Delicious smells wafted through the dining hall as a busy kitchen staff weaved in out of crowds to refill empty buffets while International music played in the lobby and students excitedly waited in line at the Global Cafe last Wednesday.

The Global Café allowed University of Mary Washington students the opportunity to experience traditional foods and to learn about the diversity of cultures from all around the world from the comfort of campus.

Each serving station in the dining hall was organized thematically, each serving dishes from around the globe.

Fish and chips, chicken curry and Chinese pot stickers were just a few of the dishes that students enjoyed during the event.

The pizza and pasta station offered several different kinds of pizza, as well as a lasagna casserole and an authentic Alfredo dish that seemed to be a fan favorite.

“’Sequelbeck’ definitely brought it tonight. The Alfredo pasta dish was the best it’s ever been. However, they did a really good job of including a lot of different countries, not just the obvious pizza in Italy,” said Maddie Quick, junior historic preservation and art history double major.

Mama Jean cooked up Chinese pot stickers, which quickly disappeared from the counter, while fish and chips, a traditional English dish, could be found at the WOW station alongside traditional German bratwurst and sauerkraut.

Students lined up for Moroccan chicken curry drenched basmati rice, offered at the Chef’s Fare station. The chef behind the wok, Billy, assembled a Korean stir-fry to the delight of hungry students.

At the Simple Servings station, Brazilian beef and basmati rice was served with chimichurri sauce and tropical fruit, which covered all of the necessary flavors in a dish: sweet, savory and spicy.

Moving on to dessert, students could choose from chocolate truffles, French crepes, Danishes and several kinds of cakes.

Students who have studied abroad, along with international students, hosted tables around the dining hall to talk about their study abroad experiences and to encourage current students to think about studying abroad.

Dressed in traditional garb from countries all around the world, students handed out UMW Passports as guests entered the dining hall.

Former study abroad students sitting at their tables stamped these passports, and if a student had filled all four boxes with stamps, they could enter their name in a giveaway for door prizes such as EagleOne money and gift cards.

This event helped publicize the many opportunities UMW has to offer students who want to continue their education abroad.