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The Blue & Gray Press | August 21, 2019

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ITCC to be renamed after President Hurley

ITCC to be renamed after President Hurley


On Thursday Sept. 17, the University of Mary Washington revealed via email it would be renaming the Information and Technology Convergence Center (ITCC) in honor of President Richard V. Hurley.

“President Hurley has made an indelible impact at Mary Washington,” said Rector Holly Cuellar, giving the reasoning behind the BOV’s decision. “We wanted to recognize his accomplishments with one of our highest tributes to a president.”

While many students agree with the university’s decision to honor Hurley, they are not willing to start referring to the building as the Hurley Convergence Center.

Senior computer science major Ruth Catlett believes Hurley more than deserves this honor, but does not think that students will break the habit of calling what is now known as the Hurley Convergence Center, the ITCC.

“I think a lot of people will still call it the ITCC but as new students come to Mary Washington knowing it as the Hurley Convergence Center, that may change,” Catlett said.

While students like Catlett think about how future students will handle the name change, Casey Tinius, a junior environmental science major, is focused on what it means for students attending the
university today.

“I think it is illogical because it already had a name for a year that students had gotten used to,” Tinius said.

Tinius suggests that it would have been sensible to name a different building for Hurley, saying “it would have made more sense to name the University Center after Hurley since it just opened.”

Tinius and Catlett did agree that Hurley was deserving of the honor that the Board of Visitors presented him. They are not against the Board of Visitors’ decision to honor Hurley’s service to the university, but neither of them have made an effort to call the building by its new name. It does not seem that many other students will either.