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The Blue & Gray Press | August 24, 2019

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Madison Hall set to host annual Haunted House

Madison Hall set to host annual Haunted House


Calling all spooky Halloween lovers, on Oct. 29, from 7 to 10 p.m., the Tri-mo Complex, comprised of Westmoreland Hall, Ball Hall, Custis Hall and Madison Hall will be hosting a haunted house in the basement of Madison Hall, featuring the infamous ‘Murder Room,’ staring hungry cannibals, or zombies.

The haunted house allows students of all years and majors to get involved and work together to accomplish a goal. Additionally, it helps the freshmen become involved and appreciative of their residence halls.

This year’s haunted house offers the gory scene of a contaminated factory full of quarantined victims, determined sanitation workers and famished cannibals eating their prey.

Katie Hall, a senior English major and president of the Tri-mo Complex, has been working with the haunted house since the 2013 fall semester. Hall said that it has always been her favorite event that the complex puts on, and “this year we had more people than ever before wanting to be a part of it.”

Hall encourages freshmen, as well as upperclassmen, to become a part of the event. The more students that are involved with the complex ensures that the haunted house will live to scare more students for years to come.

Freshman Megan Liberty is playing the role of a cannibalized victim this year. Liberty said that she is  “most excited to be a part of the haunted house with my best group of friends, rather than being a person going through it, because it gives [me] a new perspective on a classic Halloween tradition while allowing me and my friends to get involved in something fun to do all together.”

Liberty originally joined it to overcome her fear of haunted houses while being able to see and appreciate the background and all the effort that is put into creating a Haunted House.

Seeing how much fun it is to be involved in the Tri-mo Complex has inspired Liberty to become more involved in the complex’s committee during her next three years at UMW.

Liz Kump, a senior and double major of English and Theatre, is the makeup and special effects artist, giving life to the all the creepy details needed to set the scene.

Kump is excited about the brand new special effects that she will be attempting on all the actors participating in the haunted house this year.

Kump’s artistic touches will lend just the right amount of realism and gore to the contaminated factory and spawning cannibals, created all through her makeup brushes.

Come celebrate Halloween with the Tri-mo complex, and be sure to bring a group of friends, you do not want to be alone on a night like this.