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The Blue & Gray Press | August 18, 2019

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Daniel Murphy, lucky season? or next Mr. October?

Daniel Murphy, lucky season? or next Mr. October?


This MLB postseason, one name has stood out amongst the rest. That name is Daniel Murphy. Murphy is the second basemen for the National League’s representative in the World Series, the Mets.

Daniel Murphy is an unstoppable batter and is paving his path to take the title of “Mr. October” away from MLB great, Reggie Jackson. In 1966, Jackson was the second person drafted out of the first round of the amateur draft for the Kansas City Athletics. Jackson, an outfielder who had high hopes of being under the lights in New York, was passed on by the Mets who had the first pick in the draft.

During his seasons with the Athletics, he went to the postseason five times including two trips to the World Series. With the Athletics, he had five postseason home runs in five years. In 1973 and 1974, the Athletics won the World Series.

In 1973 he received the American League Most Valuable Player award and after playing eight years in the athletics’ organization, he was traded to the Baltimore Orioles. After having no impact with the Orioles, spending only one year in Baltimore, he was granted free agency and quickly signed with the New York Yankees.

With the Yankees he had four postseason trips including three trips to the World Series. In his four post seasons with the Yankees, he hit 12 homeruns. During the sixth game of the 1977 World Series he did the improbable and hit three homeruns all coming off of the first pitch of each at bat.

During the National League Division Series, Murphy hit three home runs in five games, with two home runs occuring on back to back nights. Then when he and the Mets advanced to the National League Conference Series, Murphy hit a homerun in every single one of the games, as the Mets swept the Cubs in four games.

He had a streak of six consecutive home runs in six games. For Murphy, this power surge is especially improbable because in the 130 regular season games he only had 14 home runs but in the 11 postseason games that he has been in he has already seven home runs. If Murphy follows up his six-game home run streak with a few other successful outings, the opportunity to be named the new “Mr. October” is very possible.