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The Blue & Gray Press | August 25, 2019

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UMW athletes show off philanthropic skills

UMW athletes show off philanthropic skills


When you see an athlete walking down campus walk you may think that they are a jock or that they always party. Though this could be true, have you ever thought that they could also spend time working with fundraisers and charities?

Many athletes here at the University of Mary Washington do more than just score points and runs, set records or run races. In fact, many help out in the community and with the school. Student-athletes help out with other teams’ home games, working as ball boys, ticket check, ushering and more to support their fellow Eagles.

This many not seem like much but these volunteers help give time and money to help the university. “It’s great to give back to the community, especially cause I live here” said freshman track and field thrower Ripken Smith.

On Nov. 25 of this year the UMW Student Athlete Advisory Committee partnered with Giant along with many other companies to collect food for the Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank. Every UMW team was involved with the food drive.

The field hockey and softball teams collected cans in different neighborhoods in the area. At the end of the collection, the athletic department had a total of 8,278 pounds of food. “It’s such a simple and very rewarding task to donate canned food especially in the winter and around the holidays when families need it the most” said senior field hockey player Hunter Causey.

Apart from the athletes on the varsity teams, there are many students here that play club and/or intramural sports that give back to the community and school. This past fall season the club field hockey team played in their third annual Play4theCure tournament to help fight against cancer. They made an online website for donation to fight against cancer.

They sold tickets to their game as well as a silent auction and a bake sale in order to raise money to find a cure. “The best part was that it was all for a good cause” said team captain Chesley De Leon.

The next time you see an athlete walk by you, realize that they do more than what you think.