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The Blue & Gray Press | August 19, 2019

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Clinton v. Fiorina: rethinking feminism for political parties

Clinton v. Fiorina: rethinking feminism for political parties


Many people believe that all women involved in politics have the same political goals and ambitions. However, there are two women who prove this to be untrue with their polar opposite policy agendas. Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina take on the modern political agenda with plans for change.

Clinton and Fiorina have contrasting views and offer strong ideas to satisfy both major political parties. Both women are strong headed in their beliefs, and come from experience.

Fiorina is a former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, an information technology company, and Clinton was a U. S. senator from 2001 to 2009 and Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013.

While Clinton is passionately liberal, Fiorina falls on the conservative side of the spectrum. In a time where women in society are more focused on feminism than ever, Clinton uses this to her advantage while Fiorina does so more discreetly without discussing obstacles that women face as opposed to men.

One of the most pressing women’s issues in the United States is abortion. Clinton plays towards women by stating that abortion is a woman’s right and that there shouldn’t be government intervention involved.

On the contrary, Fiorina opposes Planned Parenthood and is pro-life, with the exceptions of rape, incest and maternal endangerment. According to, many Americans are shocked that Fiorina is against paid maternity leave as well, because it is something that women would be expected to advocate.

As far as Obamacare goes, Clinton wants to expand upon it as much as possible and it is one of her main priorities. Fiorina believes that the government should have no involvement in healthcare and that people should work hard to pay for medical bills. The equal provisions of health care offered to American people as a whole by Obamacare allows for a prevention of creating any discrimination in providing that health care, whether on the basis of gender or race.

In regards to immigration laws, Fiorina believes that illegal aliens should be deported. Furthermore, she shared Congress’ worries about immigration laws stating that we should first work to improve our border security.

On the other hand, Clinton is in favor of Obama’s immigration plan, which allows undocumented immigrants in good standing to gain citizenship after paying a fine and working hard to pass the citizenship exam.

In many countries known for people wanting to come to America, the women are typically oppressed and lack equal opportunity to men. By coming to America with this immigration plan, they are offered opportunity to get ahead. Clinton’s plan benefits these immigrants.

Clinton is in favor of federally regulated education and believes in a nationwide curriculum where all schools throughout the United States should be teaching similar concepts at the same time. According to CBS, some mothers may agree with Clinton and want their children to attend a school that is regulated by the federal government and excludes outside religious influence.

Contrasting this plan, Fiorina wants to limit federal control of schools. These controls include dietary regulations in cafeterias, mandatory physical activity and specifically, regulations on teaching practices. Clinton targets women and minorities in her political approach, while Fiorina’s tactics appeal to the upper middle class. In a recent interview with CNN, Donald Trump said Clinton is “constantly playing the woman card” in her approach and that “it’s the only way she may get elected.” What CNN didn’t show was the evidence to support Trump’s claim.

As a progressive Democrat, Clinton uses feminism as a way of using government power to appeal to women and help women become more successful through affordable childcare, abortion rights and more programs in schools.


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