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The Blue & Gray Press | August 19, 2019

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Coaches Corner: Women’s lacrosse coach Caitlin Moore

Coaches Corner: Women’s lacrosse coach Caitlin Moore


Head University of Mary Washington women’s lacrosse coach Caitlin Moore is regarded by many as one of the greatest players in UMW program history. Moore graduated from Mary Washington in 2008 after her illustrious career which included her becoming the all-time points leader,  as well as scoring the most points in a single season and most assists.

Moore also holds the record for most assists in a game with 10 and most points in a game with 14. In 2008, her senior season, Moore was voted a consensus All-American, a season in which she led the nation in assists per game and points per game. Moore is currently in her third year as the head coach of the program.

Q: How do you feel about the end of last season?

Last season we made solid gains across all areas of the field.  By season’s end, I felt we were well-positioned for a great 2016 year.

Q:    What are you expecting this season to be like? What do you expect out of it?

We have a talented team, but more importantly we have a group that’s been more than willing to do the work it takes to be successful.  During practice we’ve really focused on communication, situational decisions and quality shots.

Q:    Do you plan to play differently than last year?

We scout and prepare for every opponent we play; our team has continued to expand their comfort and flexibility with our system, so our overall capabilities have improved year over year.

Q:    The team is fairly even in terms of players amongst the classes. Do you think that could help or hurt you in any way?

Our team happens to be well-balanced in terms of returning players and first years.  This will only help our team as new faces fill old roles.

Q:    How does it feel to be regarded as one of the greatest players in UMW women’s lacrosse history?

It is a thrill to coach a program that I love and respect so much.

Q:    How do you feel about the first games of the season?

It’s always good to win early season games over quality opponents.  We have some things we need to work on, but we’re getting glimpses of how good we can be and it’s both encouraging and exciting.

Q:   Anything else you would like to add?

Our team captains are senior Paige Thumel and junior Emily Mott.  They’ve done a tremendous job of helping to create a unified voice and supporting our shared vision amongst the team.  Paige and Emily’s solid efforts are complemented by several other team leaders.