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The Blue & Gray Press | February 24, 2019

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Darell Green quietly leaves UMW, gets hopes up for potential football team

Darell Green quietly leaves UMW, gets hopes up for potential football team

By Mickey Barñes

In April 2013, former Washington Redskin and NFL Hall-of-Famer Darrell Green joined the University of Mary Washington staff as the special assistant for student-athlete development and public relations. Green played for the Washington Redskins for 20 seasons and has been regarded by many as Mr. Redskin. Green was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2008 in his first year of eligibility.

As the push for a football team reached its peak at UMW, Green so happened to have joined the UMW staff, but just as “another staff member.” His presence though made it seem as though things were moving in the right direction for the university in its interest in gaining a football team. Sophomore Jesse Jones, an avid football watcher said, “I was very excited finding out Mr. Green was on staff here when I was preparing to arrive my freshman year. I knew I would miss the Friday night lights from high school and was excited of the chances UMW would get that opportunity.” Jones expressed an opinion felt by many UMW students, faculty and alumni.

These hopes and dreams of Jones came to haltering stop as it became news that Green was leaving the university after such a short stint.. Not only did these dreams crush the avid football watcher, but also those who attended the school in hopes of playing for the varsity program.

Junior Glenn Taylor, a high school football player and a three-time intramural flag football All-American was not happy about the news. “I was really excited coming here my freshman year thinking we were getting a football team. I was a backup in high school, but a pretty good one at that. Though I am an IM champ and the fastest in the league, I am disappointed I did not get to put those shoulder pads back on like expected.”

Taylor was personally recruited by Nick Saban of Alabama and Urban Meyer of Ohio State for football, but was confident in UMW’s potential.

During his time at UMW, rumors swirled of Darrell Green perhaps even joining the football team as the running back. Taylor, a running himself, is confident he would’ve beaten Green for the starting job.

“The guy’s washed up. I hold like 10 school records. It wouldn’t even be close,” Taylor said.

Next on UMW’s list of one-and-done celebrity employees is Joey Chestnut who will presumably endorse the addition of a varsity hot dog eating team.