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The Blue & Gray Press | October 24, 2017

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University now offers graduation cords for campus involvement

University now offers graduation cords for campus involvement


The end of the academic school year is fast approaching. As professors and students alike begin to wrap up their semesters with an eye towards summer vacation, there is a portion of the school population that is preparing for, whether with dread or excitement, May 7, 2016.

Graduation day for University of Mary Washington’s undergraduate Class of 2016, is a mere 41 days away. By now most, if not all, of the seniors have their graduation gowns hanging on a hanger in their rooms.

At this point most seniors probably believe that they are ready for graduation, their cap and gowns are simply waiting for them. That might not be completely true. Some students might be eligible to wear a cord as a part of commencement regalia.

In years past only a small group of people were eligible to wear honor cords during undergraduate commencement ceremonies – the ones involved in honor societies. What about those students who are involved in campus life?

A recent project, initiated by Dean Rucker, and brought to fruition with the help of the staff members at the Center of Honor, Leadership and Service have changed that.

As of this year, there are eight new cords that a senior may wear to their graduation day, depending on what campus life group they were involved with during their time at the university.

“These are cords that students can wear at graduation and earn through campus involvement,” said senior English major and student aid at the CHLS, Kelly MacRitchie,.

According to the UMW website, students who have a significant involvement in campus life are eligible to obtain one of these cords.

Students can now get a cord for: Varsity Athletics (gray), Campus Recreation Sport Club (red), the Horizons program (royal blue), James Farmer Multicultural Center (purple), Leadership positions (campus elected bodies, student club leaders and outstanding student employees), service (light blue), student activities and engagement (orange), and veterans (intertwined red, white and blue).

This new batch of graduation cords allows students who have been a dedicated part of making UMW a community the ability to be recognized for their work as well.

These additions to the traditional UMW commencement regalia will be available in the UMW bookstore in early April and will cost $10 each.

For more information visit the CHLS offices located on the third floor of the University Center. To find out if you are eligible for one of these, visit:, and to apply for a cord, visit