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The Blue & Gray Press | August 18, 2019

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Spice up your last UC meals with these creative, indulging treats

Spice up your last UC meals with these creative, indulging treats


With the end of the spring semester coming in just a week, eight days and counting, now is the time to use up your remaining meals, flex and guest swipes.

The dining hall on the fourth floor of the University Center has several food options. However, sometimes the food is bland or not very appetizing. For any students who want to make the UC food better or just try something new, here are three recipes.

A fun breakfast option that the UC offers is a waffle but if you think they are pretty bland then you can make your very own honey butter waffle.

Start by making a regular waffle. While the waffle is cooking, place honey margarine on your plate. Once the waffle is done cooking, place it on top of the margarine. Spread the butter and squeeze the honey onto both sides of the waffle. After putting the butter and honey on the waffle, add a little bit of syrup on the waffle and then cut it up and enjoy.

Another fun breakfast option is to make is a waffle taco. Taco Bell released the waffle taco last year, but with several customer complaints about the small size, the waffle taco has been taken off the menu. Even though Taco Bell doesn’t have the waffle taco on the menu, students can still enjoy having a waffle taco at the UC, and at a larger size.

All you need to do is make a regular full size waffle, a plate of eggs, bacon, sausage and shredded cheese. Put the toppings on the waffle, fold it like a taco and dig in.

With the weather warming up, there is more of a demand for cooler drinks and ice cream. The UC offers ice cream, gelato, soda and water, but after a long day the best thing is to combine ice cream and soda and make a Dr Pepper float. Sadly, the UC doesn’t have root beer at the UC and Dr Pepper is the next best thing.

In order to make one, you just need ice cream and Dr Pepper. First grab a cup, go to the ice cream machine and pick your ice cream flavor. Fill it up halfway or a quarter of the way and then go to the drink machine.

Be careful when filling the rest of the cup with Dr Pepper because it tends to bubble up and overflow. So it doesn’t cause a mess, it would be best to get a separate cup and fill it up about halfway with Dr Pepper. Gently mix the ice cream and the soda together, and your float is ready.

Even though the end of the semester is fast approaching, there is still time to make all of these tasty meals and desserts, so head on over to the UC and get creative.