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The Blue & Gray Press | August 25, 2019

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Biology and ELC departments welcome in new professors

Biology and ELC departments welcome in new professors


For the fall 2016 semester the biology department, along with the English, Linguistics and Communication department, will be welcoming in new faculty members. The biology department will be welcoming Dr. Bradley Lamphere, a specialist in fish ecology and evolutionary biology. The ELC department will be gaining an assistant professor, Laura Bylenok who will be teaching creative writing courses.

Dr. Lamphere received his doctoral degree from the University of North Carolina. In the upcoming semester he will be teaching animal ecology, vertebrate zoology, biology of fishes, and other courses that fit under the core requirements for the biology major.

“I have animal ecology with Dr. Lamphere next semester,” said junior Zoie Patrick. “Although I don’t know much about him, I’ve heard he’s a good professor so I’m excited to take his course.”

However, the biology department will not be offering any new courses in the fall 2016 semester.

Dr. Bylenok did her undergraduate studies at the University of Washington, completed her Master of Fine Arts at Johns Hopkins University and received her doctoral degree in English Literature and Creative Writing: Poetry, from the University of Utah. Dr. Bylenok was a graduate teaching assistant and adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University from 2009 to 2012. She will begin teaching two creative writing courses which are two sections of ENGL 304: Creative Writing: Poetry.

For the rest of her teaching experience she has been at the University of Utah. She has also published some original works, two books, one of poetry and one prose. Dr. Bylenok has published poetry anthologies as well and has won various fellowships.

“The English department is very excited about the new creative writing poetry department and I am really hoping to take one of her classes in the spring semester of 2017,” said junior Kate Chisholm.

Dr. Gary Richards, associate professor of English and chair of the department, has said that there will be new courses offered in the fall semester for the ELC department.

“As far as new courses, there are only a few new special topics courses,” Dr. Richards said. “Professor John Morello will offer COMM 370Q: Communication and the 2016 Presidential Campaign, a speaking-intensive course examining that promises to be one of the most unique elections in recent national history.”

Professor Jon Pineda, assistant professor of English, will be teaching an eco-literature class that is writing-intensive and focuses on writing about ecological issues. Another new course will be offered by Shumona Dasgupta, she currently teaches a course on the global issues in literature and she will be in charge of a new course on her expertise in post-colonial theory and literature.