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The Blue & Gray Press | October 17, 2017

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UC hacks: makeshift waffle cones, cereal, and homemade Blizzards

UC hacks: makeshift waffle cones, cereal, and homemade Blizzards


Since its opening, many students have complained about the choices at the dining hall in the University Center. To solve these problems I have created a list of tips for learning the ins and outs of the UC.

If you have ever felt limited with the choices of toppings or dipping sauces for sandwiches or fries then remember the salad bar. For example, there is blue cheese, ranch, French, honey mustard, Thousand Island, Italian, and vinaigrettes.

The salad bar has many different kinds of toppings that would go great on a sandwich, such as shredded carrots, spinach, hummus and many others.

Similarly, if you enjoy cereal and feel that one bowl is not enough then do not worry all you have to do is get a bigger bowl. There are bigger bowls which are mainly used for salad that can be used for cereal instead. The salad bowl can fit about two small bowls in it. This makes it easier to have a free hand instead of carrying two regular sized bowls of cereal.

If you are a big fan of Blizzards or McFlurrys, then this is the hack for you. Start by putting ice cream into a cup. Then mix in your toppings, and stir it with a spoon. I personally like Oreos, sprinkles, and chocolate chips all together. Stir it well with a spoon and you have your very own Blizzard or McFlurry.

Everyone can agree that waffle cones are really tasty, and it is heartbreaking that the UC does not have any. However, you can actually make your own waffle and ice cream concoction. If you are a big fan of waffle cones with ice cream and are wondering if the UC will ever get them, stop waiting and take down this idea.

First go get a big salad bowl, then head over to the waffle iron. Pour enough mix to cover half of the waffle iron, more if you really feel like it. The waffle should not take long to cook since it is only half of one so be careful not to burn it.

The texture of the waffle is up to your discretion. Place the waffle in the salad bowl then grab a knife to cut the waffle into bite-sized pieces. You could also opt to not cut up the waffle and just dribble the ice cream on top of the waffle.

After getting your waffle ready, go to the ice cream machine. Pick the flavor of ice cream and then pour it into the bowl. Add some toppings such as sprinkles or Oreos then add a light amount of syrup. Syrup with ice cream sounds kind of weird, but trust me, it is life changing. After applying the syrup you are ready to enjoy with either a fork or spoon.

We are paying thousands of dollars to eat at the UC every year, so finding food to eat there should not be hard. Keeping your eyes open and being a little bit creative and adventurous with your food will help out when you go there to eat.