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The Blue & Gray Press | August 21, 2019

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UMW fashion essentials focus on comfort and effortless style

UMW fashion essentials focus on comfort and effortless style


College is a time for people to grow and mature and discover themselves. It is also a time to develop your personal sense of style.

When in college, there are some essential pieces everyone needs in their clothing rotation. With having to walk from class to class, the average University of Mary Washington student’s main priority is comfort. The must haves or staple pieces are a comfy hoodie and sweatpants. These are both great to have to lounge around in on Sundays, or to throw on when you wake up late for your 8 a.m.

I personally make sure to grab a few fresh white t-shirts at the start of every semester because they match everything. The basic white tee can be either dressed up or down to fit in with any occasion. Having an extensive collection of different cuts and styles of shorts and pants will also pay off.

Every student also needs to own a minimum of two sets of dress clothes for class presentations, job fairs, interviews and formals.

Spirit-wear and UMW clothing is also an essential part of a college student’s wardrobe. Luckily UMW is always giving away free merchandise.

There are events almost every week on Ball Circle, and they often require student volunteers to run smoothly. These volunteers usually get free t-shirts from the event. Outside of having to work for the shirts, sporting events always have chances for fans to get free gear from the school.

Basketball games will usually have a sponsor at them and give out free shirts to fans that arrive to the games early. These shirts are great to wear in the gym and to any UMW sporting event to show out against the team we play.

In addition to the clothes, every college student needs some shoes to go with their outfits. Sperry’s and Rainbows seem to be some of the most popular footwear on campus for daily life.

In addition to those, a pair of dress shoes is necessary. A comfortable pair of running or walking shoes like Nike Free Runs will also come in handy when making the trek from Combs to Jepson during the week.

When fall and winter make their way to UMW, the most essential pair of shoes a student needs is a pair of waterproof boots. Any student who has lived through a full year at UMW knows once rain starts Campus Walk becomes a river, which can be nearly impossible to walk down without a dependable pair of boots.

Another good pair of shoes to have with you in college is a pair of cleats, for when you and your friends want to make an intramural sports team.

Overall the students at UMW like to dress for comfort, so these essential pieces will be helpful in putting together a balanced closet.


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