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‘Assistance’ wows audience with insight to post-college life

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By VALERIE GIBSON The University of Mary Washington’s Theatre Department debuted “Assistance” on Thursday Sept. 29, at Klein Theatre.


The University of Mary Washington’s Theatre Department debuted “Assistance” on Thursday Sept. 29, at Klein Theatre.

Written by Leslye Headland, the 90-minute play looks at the lives of six postgraduate students trying to find their place in the office world. The play infuses the real life struggles of “adulting” with relatable humor that will keep you laughing as it provides a glimpse into the future for university students.

The theatre was packed to the brim with audience members both students and community members. Everyone was eager to see if “Assistance” lived up to the hype.

The play is set in present day New York City in an office building. The assistants rotate in and out with one in particular always in the lead. The lead assistant’s name is Nick, played by senior Alex Newton. Other assistants are: Jenny, played by senior Madeleine Dilley, Justin, played by Jacob Dodges, Nora, played by junior Lauren Frautschi, Heather, played by senior Catherine O’Meara and Vince, played by junior AJ Ramos.

The assistants showcase the hectic and stressful lives they live as replaceable employees. But it also shows how they cope with a job that takes so much out of them.

“What’s great about playing a character like Heather is that she has so many layers to her character,” said O’Meara in a UMW Theatre spotlight interview. “She’s got personal issues and her motivations are a little different than what you may think, so finding those was fun. It was awesome that I got to play a character that has a lot of their personal background in the show.”

Audience member sophomore Katherine Bartles said that the show was entertaining with an underlying love story, and that she “really enjoyed the play.”

“Assistance” plays at Klein Theatre until Oct. 9, and I highly recommend going to see it for some serious laughs and insights into the future.

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