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The Blue & Gray Press | May 25, 2018

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Three simple Halloween costume ideas for college students

Three simple Halloween costume ideas for college students


Halloween is almost here, and like many of you, I am so excited. One of my favorite things about Halloween is seeing all my friends dressed up in ridiculous, creative outfits.

When I asked a few of my friends to show me their costumes, I was surprised by what they garnered. My friend, senior international affairs major David Concepcion, decided that he would dress up as Mr. Green from the game, Clue. In order to pull off this costume he decided to wear a suit, which he luckily already owned.

He wanted to portray a character that would be a little like him, a businessman. He also wanted to dress up as something that had a dark twist, such as Mr. Green’s character being mobster. He completed the costume with a green tie and a nametag.

This is a prime example of a creative costume you can assemble with few resources that many already own. Another friend, junior English and computer science major Brian Will, decided that he would be a retired military officer from the 1960s. He figured a sports jacket would pull of the look and decided a yellow polo shirt would be great because yellow means happiness and optimism and for his role he wanted to bring happiness and peace to the younger generation to lighten the spirits.

Will had other motivations for his costume. Will wanted to dress up as a retired military officer because he wanted to raise the awareness of wars to people, but also always found military officers to be interesting.

A third friend of mine, Kaylee Tye, a sophomore majoring in history and in the College of Education, decided that she would be a Girl Scout. Kaylee is wearing a green skirt, a Girl Scouts typical color, and a crème color shirt, a color that works well with green. In addition, Girl Scouts traditionally wear knee high socks as part of their uniform.

Tye wanted to be a Girl Scout this year because she had a great experience with Girl Scouts and wanted people to understand the real values about it. She wanted to be able to talk to people about why Girl Scouts is good for young girls. Unfortunately, she won’t be giving out Girl Scout cookies for Halloween.

These are three very simple costumes that anyone has in their closets. In all of these cases, and hopefully yours, everyone incorporated a special interest of theirs in their costume to make it more important to them. I hope these three give you some ideas on what to dress as.