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The Blue & Gray Press | December 11, 2018

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Q & A with UMW swimmer Madison Noga, transfer from West Virginia University.

Q & A with UMW swimmer Madison Noga, transfer from West Virginia University.


Madison Noga, a 19-year- old, psychology major and transfer sophomore from West Virginia University, has been swimming practically since birth. While growing up, she tried her hand at many different sports, ice-skating, soccer but in the words of Madison herself, “I’m honestly a dead fish out of water when it comes to land sports.”

Though, coming from a DI swim team at WVU, it is easy to assume she excels in water.

Q: How was your experience on the WVU Swim Team?

A: My experience was pretty horrible. There was a lot of drama, apparently they had this problem going on for a couple years. The head coach Vic Riggs is the worst coach I have ever encountered. It was the worst swimming year I have ever had because I had no support of teammates and coaches.

Q: How would you compare your experience at WVU to UMW?

A: You cannot really compare WVU and UMW because they are totally different schools. I loved WVU so much, the campus and people are just amazing. I originally quit swimming and was going to stay [at WVU] but swimming is a big part of my life and I could not give it up. UMW swimming is extraordinary of a DIII school, head coach Abby Brethauer has done great things with this program and is an amazing coach. This team is so strong and motivated to be great unlike WVU’s swim team.

Q: Do you think being on the swim team has made it easier for UMW to feel like home?

A: Being on any team allows someone to gain a group of friends easier definitely being a freshman, but being a transfer has been kind of hard because people have their groups and best friends already. I’m literally starting over but without the dorm of scared freshman that make friends with anyone, so it has been hard.

It is easy to see that Noga had her downs at WVU, but UMW is working its magic and opening its arms to the young swimmer.

Currently, Madison is battling a few injuries but is looking forward to being back in the water at full health. Both the UMW men and women swim teams are off to hot starts, as they are currently 2-0 thus far into the season, defeating both Frostburg State and Randolph-Macon by very large margins.