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The Blue & Gray Press | August 22, 2019

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Senior Playlist: for the student that needs inspiration

Senior Playlist: for the student that needs inspiration


We all go to college to broaden our minds and our horizons. I am so happy, even though I do not particularly enjoy being at the University of Mary Washington, that I have gotten my education here. It’s been such a liberating experience meeting the people, the instructors and being in the environment that surrounds UMW.

Although I took last semester off, I will graduate in the next year. So I created this playlist to encapsulate some of my experiences at Mary Wash.

Track One: “Rain Machine” by- Rhodz

Sound the Trumpets! This song reminds me off all my metro rides, bus exhibitions and train takings when traveling from D.C. to N.Y.C and back home to Long Island, New York. I was always so excited to see the city of dreams and meet with some of my friends that I met during the summer. In short, this song sends me reminiscing.

Track Two: “My Mind Is” by- NVDES ft. Oliver Tree

This track definitely emulates my sophomore year at Mary Wash. “I never owe nobody else,” Oliver belts out in the beginning of the song, reminding of my walks around campus and my days as the Viewpoints editor of The Blue & Gray Press.

Track Three: “Strung Out” by- Ruby Empress

This track sends me to my night escapades on Payne Street during my sophomore year at Mary Wash. I met a lot of good friends on campus that I still keep today, almost two year later now. “Dancing down the lane in the moonlight,” we walked from Custis Hall to Payne Street, laughing and enjoying our youth. This song’s twangy 70s vibe filled the cold days we trekked to classes and awaited the weekend.

Track Four: “Füchse” by- Sacellum (Kungs Remix)

“Broke Down and Lonely,” was the beginning of my junior year as an Eagle. I lived in a dark and dingy Alvey Hall dorm room and I barely attended my classes. But this year, back in the swing of things, as I left for the fall semester of my junior year, I’m “giving it up.” I am back on my feet and I am ready to graduate as soon as possible. This song reminds me that not everyone takes the same road, and indeed there are speed bumps along our roads, not potholes.

Track Five: “Quiters” by: Kamandi

I came upon this song about a year ago and it has been so influential for me. It starts slow, as mummers surround the background, “lately,” they say. For me this song exemplifies my transformation. I am finally achieving my goals and accepting that not everything comes as quickly as I would like, and that is perfectly fine. It’s important to shed the feeling of wanting to give up and instead move forward.