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The Blue & Gray Press | August 21, 2019

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Q & A with former varsity softball player Allison Griffith

Q & A with former varsity softball player Allison Griffith


Managing time is always an important aspect of a college student's life, but even more so for student athletes. We interviewed Allison Griffith, a sophomore history major in the education program, about how she managed her time last year as a freshman while on the softball team at the University of Mary Washington.  

Q: how did you find time last year in your schedule to do homework and community service?

A: I had to set aside time and plan ahead when I was going to do homework. We did multiple community service activities as team.

Q: Were you able to focus on your homework, and were you given help if you couldn’t figure out your time?

A: Yeah, I was able to focus because I knew that was the only time I might have during that day to complete homework. Also, I talked to multiple people on the team, and sometimes my coach, to determine how to set aside time.

Q: Did you find time to eat healthy meals while on the team?

A: Yes, in the dugout was a snack crate filled with many healthy snacks to choose from. Eating at the UC was a struggle for healthy eating because they would shut down certain food places early.  

Q: How did you change your schedule second semester to be more beneficial than your first semester?

A: Second semester was harder because I had to factor in more practicum hours that would work out with softball and classes. I didn’t really change my schedule at all because the classes I was taking fit with softball.

Q: Why, ultimately, did you leave softball?

A: I ultimately left softball because I fell out of love with it and my passion had drifted toward focusing on my education and becoming a teacher.

Q: How did on season differ from off season?

A: Off season I had more time me to hang out with friends and free time. But I also had a harder time setting time aside to do homework. Allison is taking time off from softball this school year and focusing on her education classes and practicum. Since she has more time, she is able to enjoy the program more. Since she has taken a step back from softball she has realized how much she truly loves it.