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The Blue & Gray Press | August 21, 2019

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Is your iPhone shutting off? Get it fixed for free

Is your iPhone shutting off? Get it fixed for free


If you find your iPhone shutting off unexpectedly throughout the day, Apple has a launched a repair program for iPhone 6s users. This program targets those affected by a battery flaw, which makes the phones shut down randomly. Apple reported on its website that it affects a “very small percentage of iPhone users that were manufactured between September and October of 2015.”

The solution is to replace the phone’s battery for free, however if you have any other issues with your phone, those problems would have to be taken care of first. A cracked screen for instance would hinder the ability to replace the battery and would come with a fee. If you already paid to have your iPhone battery replaced prior to the program's announcement, Apple will reimburse the repair costs.   

To check if you’re eligible for the program go to shutdown and enter your phone’s serial number. You can find your phone’s serial number on the settings app under general and then tapping on the ‘about’ section.

Apple was quick to clarify that this is not a safety issue whatsoever, a contrast with Samsung’s recent troubles with the Galaxy Note 7. Business Insider found a message on Apple’s Chinese website about what exactly caused the batteries to shut down. It’s related to many of the batteries being “overexposed to controlled ambient air during the manufacturing process.”

iPhones are designed in mind to automatically shut down under severe cold weather. If your phone shuts off at around 40 percent battery remaining even under normal conditions, it is to protect the internal components of the device. Apple is still investigating if there were any other causes to this issue, but they have not uncovered any other factors yet.